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Do you want to live out the hours of your life and just get by or maximize every single minute and use time to your advantage, working toward your ultimate goals? Most of us want to achieve our goals – but not having enough time is one of the top reasons we never do.

Managing your daily tasks can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. You just need the right time management tools and strategies. But what is time management and why is it important? How can you change your perspective from time management to life management? Get started here.

What is time management?

Time management is the way you handle your most limited resource: time. But effective time management goes far deeper than just a list of tasks, and speaks to a fundamental source of inner potential. It’s a way of transforming not only how you spend your time, but how you think, so you can consistently and sustainably use the time you have to create what truly matters the most to you.

Effective time management is connected to highly developed self-control and crucial life skills: setting goals, planning for the future, auditing your time to see how you spend it, analyzing your progress and prioritizing tasks. The loftiest ambitions are possible, but only when you have the right mindset, a concrete plan and a practical system for results to go along with your dreams and enthusiasm.

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Why is time management important?

Mastering time management allows you to take control of the flow and rhythm of your daily life. If you’re spending the majority of your days just keeping your head above water with all the things you have to do, then you’re probably managing your time poorly. When you’re so consumed by getting things done, you end up missing opportunities – and soon enough you’re spending what little downtime you have regretting “what I didn’t do.”

As John Wooden, legendary former coach of The University of California, Los Angeles, basketball team, said in an interview with Tony Robbins, “Failure is not doing the things you know you should have doneSuccess comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”

Benefits of time management

Learning to properly manage your time will help you keep on top of all your tasks and projects, as well as achieve your long- and short-term goals. Here are just a few benefits you’ll see. 

Reduced stress

power of time management

Time management and stress are linked. When you don’t have clarity on what you’re working toward or aren’t inspired by your goals, you’ll put tasks off until the last possible minute. This can create a lot of stress, which often manifests emotionally before it does physically. First, you’ll be frustrated, sad and maybe even purposeless. Then, you’ll feel a lack of energy and you may experience headaches, other pain and twitches. The stress that comes with poor time management can be incredibly damaging to your well-being, but the right time management system can help you shift toward a better quality of life.

Better decision-making and leadership

Honing your time management skills improves your ability to make better decisions as you chunk your time and prioritize tasks. You learn to take your time and make calm, measured decisions rather than panic-driven, last-second choices. You’ll also learn assertiveness as you delegate and say no to requests, patience as you manage your goals, persistence as you complete your tasks and self-discipline as you follow through on your plans.

Improved relationships

Many people ask “What is time management and why is it important?” in the context of their careers: They want to get ahead at work, start a business or increase their profits and need the time to do so. But effective time management helps every aspect of your life, because it gives you more free time. You can be more present for your loved ones, strengthen your relationships with your friends and turn your goals into realities.

Continued growth

Are you thinking, “This all sounds great, but how will time management help me in the future?” As Tony says, if you’re not growing, you’re dying – and time management can help you continue to grow in limitless ways. What’s important to you? Is your desired outcome to increase your business’ revenue by another million over the next year? Is it to feel more fulfilled in your relationship? The right time management system shows you how to clarify these goals and focus on them like a laser, filling you with passion and drive. With the power of clarity and focus, continuous growth is inevitable.

What is a life coach?

How to get started with time management

So what is time management, really? It goes beyond calendars and schedules. It’s a way of looking at the world. It’s a life philosophy. And it starts with transforming your mindset.

Clarify your goals

what is goal setting

If you’re not getting what you want from life, and if you don’t feel the fulfillment that comes with achieving the things you desire, then it’s time to consider taking a fresh look at the way you think about time management. 

Mastering time management means giving yourself the ability to accomplish all of the goals and dreams you’ve left on the back burner. You probably tell yourself you haven’t accomplished these things because you “need more time,” but that’s not really the case. Rather, you need to clarify your personal and professional goals and make better use of the time you already have by focusing on the outcomes that bring you the most value.

Change your perspective

Time is a lot like money – we wish we had more of it. There’s always more stuff to buy and bills to pay, so you have to work every day in order to earn money to fund all the necessities and comforts that help you maintain your standard of living. Most of us are somewhat limited in our spending power, so we ration our money toward what earns us the most value and sacrifice the items that matter little to us. 

Treat time in much the same way. Like money, it’s scarce, so it needs to be spent in accordance with the goals and dreams that you value the most. If you spend your time wisely, you’ll achieve the things you’ve always wanted. This will bring you to an amazing state of fulfillment, where not only are you achieving your outcomes but you’re also fulfilled with your life and your role within it.

Shift your focus

Your brain is like a laser-guided missile. When you focus on the outcomes – the specific results – that you want to accomplish, then meeting them will suddenly become much, much easier. The how and when are secondary to clarifying and focusing on what you want and why. Once you concretely understand the value of the different things you desire, your brain will start to pave a path toward meeting that outcome.

Having an explicit target to aim for and clear criteria for success can help propel you forward toward that liberating feeling of success that you desire. When you achieve clarity and focus, you’ll find the time you need to make your dreams a reality because you’ll be propelled by a passion that you weren’t even aware of before. Remember, it’s not about the number of hours you have – it’s about using the hours you do have to maximize value.

productivity and time management

Give yourself free time

We often look at free time as something wasted – hours we could have spent furthering our own self-improvement or getting ahead at work. That’s not the case. As you develop an understanding of the significance of time management, you’ll realize that free time is one of your most precious assets. It gives you a chance to reset your brain, come up with new ideas and focus on other parts of your life that matter, like your relationships and your family.

Mastering time management means there is a time and a place for everything. Some days you’re going to leave work at work and focus on yourself and/or your partner. Some days you’ll do nothing at all, and that’s all right. Don’t be afraid of using time for things other than work and self-improvement in the material sense. What really matters is what is important to you and, if that’s your relationship with your family or your health, let those outcomes be the ones that you allot time toward first.

Discover the basics of time management
Time Management Skills

Time management skills

How often do you find yourself wasting time and then regret it? Learn which specific time management skills you need to live more effectively.

How to plan your life


Life is uncertain, but your goals don’t have to be. Go beyond planning your day – create a vision for your life and set the goals you need to get there.

How to shift your focus

Discover methods for shifting your focus toward tasks that excite you. Learn how to change your focus and accomplish the goals that contribute to your ultimate success.

How to plan your day

how to plan your day

Learn how to plan your day efficiently and effectively. Discover various strategies and methods to organize your day and achieve your goals.

Life management skills

What is time management? It’s really life management: mastering your emotions, prioritizing your tasks and creating healthy habits. Learn how to throw out your to-do list for good.  

Time management strategies

RPM, chunking and N.E.T. are the time management strategies that Tony Robbins lives by. Learn more about these strategies and how to apply them to your own life.

Unlock core time management concepts
How do I get motivated to get things done?

Are you struggling to finish your work? Do you find yourself procrastinating often? What if it’s not you, but your goals? 

To truly feel passionate about something, you need to have a compelling reason for meeting an outcome. You can’t feel passionate or compelled about goals that don’t truly matter to you.

Want to get more done? Take a deeper dive into Tony’s RPM, or Results-oriented, Purpose-driven, Massive Action Plan system.

health fitness quotes

how to do more with less time management

How can I do more with less?

Leverage is a term that has been applied to physics, finance, and marketing, but did you know that it applies to your life as well? It means getting the most with as little muscle as possible. What if you could get more done by leveraging, or making the most of, the resources at your disposal? You absolutely can, and we’ll show you how.

Learn more about how you can best leverage your time, experience and connections to achieve the things that matter the most to you.

How can I create productive habits?

Time management isn’t about keeping a strict schedule or setting alarms throughout your day. It’s a total shift in your mindset and your lifestyle. A big part of your transformation involves creating productive habits that will help you optimize your time. Habits make up as much as 45% of our daily activities – that’s a lot of time that you could put to better use!

To achieve more, you must understand the evolution of a habit and how you can harness their power to help you reach your goals.

productive habits

work-life balance

How can I achieve work-life balance?

We have surprising news for you: There is no such thing as work-life balance. You’ll never be able to completely separate your career and your personal life – nevermind balance them, as if they’re a scale or two sides of a coin. There is only work-life integration. This means determining your “why” and letting it guide you in all aspects of your life.

When you find your purpose and learn how to be present in your life – no matter what – you’ll be able to master time management and let go of guilt. Unlock expert tips for work-life integration today.

I’m overwhelmed. How do I make tough decisions?

Sometimes times flies not because we’re procrastinating, but because we’re stuck on a decision with high risks or are just plain difficult. You might be agonizing over terminating a staff member or fretting over how to complete a project. This is an emotional and stressful time, because whatever you end up doing will be the road you have to stick to

The good news is we have a solution to your problem, a simple six-step process known as OOC-EMR decision-making.

time management and tough decisions

How can I get enough time to do things I want to do?

We’ve already established there are only so many hours in the day, but there’s always so much to do. How do successful people find the time to accomplish so much? Believe it or not, this time is everywhere, and it’s at your disposal too. You just need to seize the opportunity.

Take a deeper, comprehensive look at how to best leverage your time by exploring the window of opportunity.

Get the time management tools you need
Apps for time management 

Learn which time management apps can help make your life easier and keep you aligned with your goals and dreams. 

RPM life planner 

The Rapid Planning Method is an important time management strategy. Tony Robbins’ RPM life planner will help you stay focused, use your time appropriately and achieve your goals. 

The power of chunking 

“Chunking” is a method of organizing all of your outcomes and tasks that ties all of your activities back to what really matters: the outcomes that mean the most to you.


Using the N.E.T. system, you can transform wasted time into powerfully productive time by doubling what you get out of it.

What other aspects of life will time management help me with?

Once you have the right tools to manage your time more effectively, and to work toward your most important goals, the ways you can improve your life are boundless. What’s important to you? Is your desired outcome to increase your business’ revenue by another million over the next year? Is it to feel more fulfilled in your relationship with your partner? The only person who can decide what aspects of life are most important is you. The right time management system shows you how to clarify these goals and how to focus on them like a laser, filling you with the passion and drive needed to achieve them. With the power of clarity and focus, anything is possible.

Is time management sabotaging your life?

Take control and make a plan to manage your life, not just your time. Learn how to accomplish more with the dynamic Time of Your Life program.

Time Management FAQs
Why is time management a key to success?

The way you spend the time you have is the biggest factor in how you feel about your life. When you make the most of your time, you experience more and enjoy things to the fullest extent.

Life management allows you to align your daily tasks with your core values. This is the only surefire way to experience feelings of fulfillment and joy as you complete tasks in your day-to-day life because you will see and feel that everything you are doing is in support of what you value most. For example, if your family is what you value the most and you spend ample amounts of your time on tasks that are directly related to them, you will have a deep sense of gratification knowing that your actions are supporting what is most important to you.

Life management also helps you clarify your core values so you can effectively align your activities with them. For example, maybe you decided long ago that making money wasn't important to you, but now you find yourself prioritizing tasks that support the goal of earning more. Maybe making more money really is one of your core values. Conversely, if you prioritized advancement at work but never feel like you “have the time” to advance that goal, maybe this really isn't one of your core values.

Life management will clarify these issues for you, and get you back on track and soaring higher than ever.

What sets different time management systems apart?

Some time management systems focus on making lists and forcing yourself through tedious tasks that feel no real passion in. That's not what Tony Robbins' life management is about.

Life management goes far deeper, transforming the way you think. What are the results that you value the most? Tony’s time management system has you focus on clear outcomes that you care, and feel passionate, about. It puts you in the right state of mind to zero-in on the goals that matter.

Rather than taking you through “list-making 101,” Tony’s system is a method by which to attain fulfillment with what you’ve accomplished. We all could fill our days with endless tasks, but even if we’re successful does this bring fulfillment? Are you moving for the sake of movement, or are you moving toward the life of your dreams? Tony’s system allows you to attain the needed clarity of vision to lock onto your target like a missile, giving you the fuel and the energy for success and fulfillment in life.

Tony Robbins life management will show you that you don't need more time to make it happen. You need to make the best possible use of the time you already have by clarifying your personal and professional goals to ensure that your actions move you toward your most valued outcomes.

Who can be helped by time management?

Do you have dreams and goals for the future? Have you found the success and fulfillment in life that you seek? We can all benefit from a time management system that shows us how to clarify and focus on what really matters, filling us with the passion, drive and energy to accomplish the outcomes that speak most to our success and happiness.

The advanced thought processes that accompany this kind of time management are made possible by fundamental life skills: highly developed self-control, the ability to set goals and analyze progress, a sense of vision and desire to plan for the future and the ability to audit your time and prioritize tasks in a meaningful way. The most powerful combination for achieving the loftiest ambitions in life is a mix of enthusiasm and dreams combined with practical skills, drive and a Massive Action Plan. It's tough to identify what part of that combination we may lack without guidance, and this is why everyone can benefit from time management.

What time management products are provided by Tony Robbins?

Before you can hope to manage your time you need to build a compelling vision of the future that you truly see yourself in. Time of Your Life helps you decide what you want out of your life and shifts the paradigm from time management to life management.

Learn the RPM, a system that takes your most valued outcomes and the steps you need to take to accomplish them to transform them into a plan that unleashes the passion within. By changing the questions you ask and the details you focus on, RPM can reignite the passion and drive you need to accomplish the outcomes that will bring you success and fulfillment in life.

Shape your life and give it a direction that has true meaning to you. Don’t allow yourself to be guided by a reaction to events around you; take initiative and start on a 10-day step-by-step process toward making your dreams a reality.

Tony is so confident that Time of Your Life will transform you and the way you think that, if you don’t feel like the program is working for you, you can return it within 30 days of purchase — satisfaction guaranteed.