How to shift your focus

“What we focus on determines how we feel. And how we feel – our state of mind – powerfully influences our actions and interactions.” – Tony Robbins

When do you feel like you’re truly tuned in to what you’re doing? It could be while running, reading, cooking, working at the office or simply spending time with your family. Regardless of what you’re doing during these times, you’re in an extremely focused state when you’re centered in on a task that excites you.

What if you could feel like that more often, while doing different tasks? What if you could have that same concentration, even when doing something you didn’t particularly like? The thing is, you can learn how to increase focus and concentration – you just have to decide to do so.

Give up the negative

When was the last time you didn’t attempt something because you thought it would be too challenging? When did you last tell yourself that you were unable to do something because you thought you lacked a certain quality? As Tony says, “Where focus goes, energy flows.” If you repeatedly tell yourself you’re not smart, resourceful or capable enough to accomplish something, then you’ve just turned that belief into a reality. It’s 100 percent easier to focus on negative outcomes than positive ones, but it won’t get you very far. The first step in changing your focus is realizing that what you’re currently focusing on no longer serves you.

woman learning how to increase focus

Visualize your outcome

how to increase focus

Discover how to increase focus by identifying your ultimate goal. What is it that you really want to achieve? Use the Rocking Chair Test. Visualize yourself late in life, sitting in your rocking chair. What are you happy to have accomplished? What are you sad that you never tried to achieve? This will tell you what to move toward in life. Knowing your purpose is a critical step in shifting your focus and making progress.

Break old patterns

Your thoughts can be cyclical, but you can break negative patterns. When you feel your thoughts beginning to shift to a negative or limiting place, stop them. Decide to consciously change your thought process and derail the thoughts that don’t serve you. Visualize your outcome – see it clearly. Will thinking negative thoughts enable you to better achieve your purpose? No.

discover how to increase focus

Change your focus

how to increase focus and concentration

When things get tough, and there will always be challenging moments in life, decide to focus on the thing that gives your life a sense of purpose. The goal is to visualize what you want so deeply that you feel it to your core. You’re so driven to achieve your goal that you will do anything to make it happen. Focus on strategies you can employ to be successful. Focus on the happy faces of your friends and family when you’re celebrating your accomplishments. Focus on how you’ll feel when you can finally say you did what you set out to do.

When you change your focus, you change your life. What area of your life could use a massive improvement? Whether it’s your career, personal relationships, health or something else, deciding to increase focus on what really matters can make all the difference.

Shift your focus towards accomplishing your goals

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