Leadership: The Third Master Step

Interrupt Limiting Patterns – Physiology, Perception and Meaning

Can you become a master of conflict resolution?
Gordon Brown, 62, was recently elected to local city council. While he was immediately inspired by the passionate dedication of the other members, meetings often devolved into angry confrontations and disagreements. Gordon knew there was a more effective way to handle conflict, but he didn’t have an effective skill-set to make it happen.

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Gordon learned to more effectively mediate conflict and foster more constructive communication — but what he didn’t anticipate was the incredible behavioral power of the Third Master Step…

Master Step #3: Interrupt & Annihilate Limiting Patterns: Affect what prevents change
Break old patterns by bringing in new opportunities. In order to create a new behavior, thinking or feeling you must first annihilate the old.

  • Have rapport, respect and connection.
  • Break it consistently. Very important: when someone is screaming and yelling, break the pattern over and over again until there is a shift.

Learn to quickly identify, change and redirect some of the most common conflicts among peers to create a healthier rapport and interactions with respect.