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From Vatican City to the NBA Finals

Tracking Tony across the world

Where has Tony been recently – and what in the world is he up to? Below is the latest edition of the Tony Tracker, where you can see highlights from his journeys and read his narration of some of his favorite experiences.

Meeting Russell Brand – and recording a podcast!

We loved meeting this wild poetic soul while we were on his home turf in London 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿!🎙Keep an ear out for our pair of podcasts coming soon. We took turns grilling each other. Topics include: Russell’s latest book: 📔 RECOVERY: Freedom From Our Addictions 📔 We discussed the broad spectrum of modern-day addictions and Russell shared his fresh and insightful interpretation of 12-step programs that propelled his own personal journey towards self-awareness. Thank you, @trewrussellbrand! . #RussellBrand #Recovery #FreedomFromOurAddictions

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From London to Vatican City, to meet with the Pope

While in Vatican City🇻🇦for the Cura Foundation Unite to Cure conference, we were deeply honored to be in the presence of His Holiness, Pope @franciscus. This truly remarkable man has become a symbol of compassion, unification, and loving-kindness across the globe 🌍 ❤. . We gathered together — scientists, physicians, patients, philanthropists, religious leaders, and government officials, alike — for three days to discuss the societal impact of today’s scientific advancements in regenerative medicine 🔬. . Pope Francis graciously addressed our audience, and then we had the chance to meet him personally. What an incredibly loving, warm and humble human being! He spoke to the heart of this mission and the importance of delivering these life-saving technologies to “every member of our human family.” . He stressed that human progress made in fields such as medicine, health care, and education, should oppose, “an economy of exclusion and inequality.” Adding that, “this is why the globalization of indifference must be countered by the globalization of empathy.” . “It is fundamentally important that we promote greater empathy in society and not remain indifferent to our neighbor’s cry for help,” the Pope said. . I am deeply moved by Pope Francis’ commitment to humbly serve all members of humanity, and more inspired than ever to help promote the future of healthcare. It is an exciting time to be alive and I am passionate about increasing not just lifespans but, more importantly, the HEALTH-spans of all. . #UniteToCure #Stemcell #regenerativemedicine #pope #popefrancis #vatican

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On to Panama City, for stem cell treatment

Feeling absolutely invigorated after our trip to Panama this weekend, where I received the transformative benefits of stem cell therapy! Our huge thanks and honor to all the doctors and the bright, caring medical staff at the state-of-the-art Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama 🇵🇦. Stem cells saved my shoulder after struggling with excruciating pain from spinal stenosis and, more recently, a torn rotator cuff. Stem cell treatment is truly a next-level health innovation that can reverse the wear and tear we put on our bodies and prevent debilitating disease and injury from escalating further 🔬. This technological advancement will impact humanity in life-changing ways— it has the potential to transform and save MILLIONS of lives! . I’m so grateful to be a recipient of this life-changing medical treatment and look forward to this fall, when my good friends and business partners Dr. @peterhdiamandis, Dr. Bob Hariri and I bring this LIFEFORCE to our new company, Fountain. Fountain will be opening in Bimini in the Bahamas in the late fall using Dr. Hariri’s placenta stem cell methodology. Fountain will help us deliver this life-changing technology to those who need it most and help MILLIONS of people live longer, better, active, fuller lives. . It was a beautiful few days as always — thanks, Panama ✈. Next stop tomorrow (Thursday), 5,000 people in Denver, Colorado ❤ 😎 👍🏼! . #panamacity #stemcell #regenerativemedicine

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Relationship Day at Date With Destiny in Australia

Most animals are born with an evolutionary advantage — claws, teeth, fur, incredibly acute vision or hearing. But what about us? What is our evolutionary advantage? 🤔 What has allowed the human race to evolve into the dominant species on the planet 🌏? . I believe it’s the PRIMAL FORCE of LOVE ❤. . What else but LOVE and relationship motivates us to over-ride our deepest fears and instincts and put someone else’s needs above our very own? It is LOVE that makes a family, and our communities and congregations of all kinds. LOVE drives us to GIVE and SERVE at the highest level we’re capable of 💪. . Nothing else breeds deep growth, consciousness and understanding like LOVE and our intimate relationships. Sure you could go sit in a cave and meditate, but frankly, that’s not much of a challenge 🧘‍♂️! . The challenge to be your best self when you’re sitting alone meditating is a piece of cake! Try that in the midst of relationship with another human being, when what they think and feel matters MOST to you AND brings up your deepest fears. . 🏆HUMAN RELATIONSHIP IS THE ULTIMATE SPIRITUAL PRACTICE 🏆. . That’s why, here at #DateWithDestiny, Day 4 is #Relationship Day — we put our collective FOCUS on this area because THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE IS THE QUALITY OF YOUR RELATIONSHIPS. . If you’re taking the time to read this right now, you’re an ACHIEVER. No doubt you value personal development and you’re driven by the HUNGER to grow and succeed. But just forget all that achiever stuff for a moment — growing your business, securing your finances, the grind, the climb — wouldn’t you like to have magnificent relationships and an extraordinary home life? Isn’t that the mark of an achiever🏅? . Remember: SUCCESS WITHOUT FULFILLMENT IS THE ULTIMATE FAILURE. . No amount of respect, success, significance, achievement, money or status will ever come close to the FULFILLMENT that comes from a passionate and loving relationship. YOUR GREATEST POWER is loving unconditionally BEYOND YOURSELF and being loved completely for who you truly are at the level of your SPIRIT and SOUL. . #DWDCairns2018 #relationshipgoals #love . 📸: @millakuhto

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And finishing up at the NBA Finals: Warriors vs. Cavs

Congratulations to our Golden State @warriors, their Coach Steve Kerr, and my dear friend and Dubs owner Peter Guber on an AMAZING series comeback to win the West in 7 games!! 🏀 . What a way to celebrate my son @jairekrobbins birthday — sitting courtside together for this momentous victory! 🎂🏀🏆 . If you watched the first half of the game last night, you know what a wonder this WIN was for the Warriors. Hats off to the @houstonrockets and @jharden13 — momentum sure favored the Rockets out of the gates until everything flipped in the #ThirdQuarter when Golden State came out of the locker room with renewed focus and a WILL TO WIN that outscored Houston by 18 points in the third frame!! @stephencurry30 exploded in a hurry, scoring 14 points in a 3-minute and 10-second streak, plus, @kevindurant scored 21 of his 34 points in the second half. 🏀🔥 I absolutely LOVE watching the phenomenal talents of Steph, KD, @klaythompson and @money23green come to life. ⛹️‍♂️ This is such a special team!! #TheBestInTheWest . I was struck by Steph’s words in a post-game interview— when asked what he loves about the third quarter, he said, “You have to have endurance, you’ve got to have resiliency, you’ve got to have confidence in yourself, no matter how the game’s going up until that point, that you can turn it around.” . Next time you find yourself in a situation where it seems the odds are stacked against you and the challenges are insurmountable, I encourage you to remember Steph’s words of wisdom and forge on! . Be sure to put yourself in an emotional state of CERTAINTY where you feel strong, where you remember who you really are, and where you know that while you will inevitably encounter some challenges along the way, you have the power to turn anything you dream about, into reality. 💪 . Here we go: Cavs-Warriors Round 4! Who you got? #NBAFinals 🏆 #dubnation

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