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From a history-making Stanley Cup finals to building a personal AI

What Tony has been up to lately

Where has Tony been recently – and what in the world is he up to? Below is the latest edition of the Tony Tracker, where you can see highlights from his journeys and read his narration of some of his favorite experiences.

Watching history being made at the Stanley Cup Finals

TONIGHT’S GAME IS ONE FOR THE HISTORY BOOKS!!! AND WHAT A DRAMA. THE CAPS JUST WON THEIR FIRST STANLEY CUP IN FRANCHISE HISTORY!! 🏒🏆👊🏼🔥 . CONGRATULATIONS to my dear friend, #CAPS owner, Ted Leonsis, Head Coach Barry Trotz, Capt #GREAT8 Alex Ovechkin, Oahu, the whole team, AND #RAVINGFANS of D.C.!! THERE WAS SO MUCH ENERGY at @tmobilearena — we cranked through the roof, and I’ve seen some energy!! The walls are are SHAKING with celebration from #HOCKEY fans— many of whom have waited a LIFETIME, and in some cases, GENERATIONS — for this very moment!! You’ve certainly earned it #WASHINGTON CAPITALS #STANLEYCUPCHAMPS 2018 🏆 . What a privilege to support and serve these gutsy, committed men. Every single one of these guys brought their heart, soul, talent, and HUNGER to every minute of that game!! WAY TO GO, MY BROTHERS!! 👏🏼👊🏼 . And hats off to the @vegasgoldenknights and their exquisite inaugural season. #DEFYTHEODDS . So great to share this with my son Josh, my brother-in-law Scotty, and my trainer and dear friend @billybeck3. #historymade #historyshared . @capitals #ALLCAPS 🏒 🥅 🏆 👊 🎉

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In Cleveland for the NBA finals – Go Warriors!

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WARRIORS!!! #DUBNATION SWEEPS THE #NBAFINALS AND TAKES HOME THE WIN!!!! 🏀🏆🔥 . So PROUD of our @warriors for playing an OUTSTANDING game tonight — it’s going down as the NINTH sweep in @nba Final HISTORY! Not only that — tonight they became the FIRST NBA team EVER to hold TWO championship sweeps under their belt!! I couldn’t be happier and more proud of my dear friend, Warriors owner Peter Guber, Coach Steve Kerr, the #SplashBrothers, #MVP KD, @money23green, and the ENTIRE team. They busted their tails this season and turned it around with their massive comeback to win the playoffs in Game 7. GREATNESS was demanded, and they STEPPED UP and rose to the challenge. Tonight, they are the REIGNING CHAMPS. 👊🏼🔥🏆🏀 What a privilege to witness, cheer on, serve and support such a talented, passionate, UNIFIED team and to be here tonight for this incredibly special moment. Congrats to @kevindurant whose extraordinary leadership named him the NBA Finals MVP for the SECOND straight season!! . Props to the #CAVS for playing their hearts out, and to the LEGENDARY @kingjames. He’s a four-time NBA MVP and an absolute MASTER of the game. 🙌🏼🏀 . What a game!! What a series!!! CONGRATULATIONS to the 2018 #NBA champs!!! 🏆

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Off to Austin for an event – and an AI appointment

What a great couple of days enjoying being home after an ACTION PACKED week! From D.C. to Vegas to watch the @capitals take home the #StanleyCup, then to Cleveland for the #NBAFinals where the @warriors extended their reign as CHAMPS — it’s been an absolute privilege to be able to work with, support, and cheer on two of the greatest teams in sports today!! Being present for TWO BACK-TO-BACK championships — two days in a ROW — was such an incredible privilege. 👊🏼🏆🏒🏀 . We left straight from the NBA Finals in Cleveland and headed to #Austin, TX where I arrived at 4AM and got ready to get up and ROCK & ROLL at the Austin Convention Center with 4,000 people (swipe to check out a video from the event!)! 🤘🏼😎 What a feeling it was to be back in this vibrant city serving this incredible group of achievers! 💥 . Last Sunday I started shooting the VERY FIRST stages in the building of my personal A.I. Artificial Intelligence. This is a cutting-edge project that will allow me to reach and help even more people in every corner of the world and I’m so excited about it — I’ll share more soon. . We’re back on the plane tonight headed to #Amsterdam for my #BusinessMastery program. ✈🇳🇱 I’ll be spending 6 days with some of the TOP business leaders in the world, working alongside 2,000 business owners and #entrepreneurs sharing everything I’ve learned over the last 40 years that will help them achieve extraordinary growth — on average, 130% over the next 12 months — while simultaneously feeling not only more in control but having more time for their families and the rest of their life!! It’s about achievement AND fulfillment. Will I see you there?

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Kicking off Business Mastery in The Netherlands

If I were to ask you what your X-Factor is, what would you tell me? What makes you UNIQUE? Why should I do business with you? What do YOU have to offer that others in your space can’t, don’t, or won’t do? How do YOU add massive value to people unlike anyone else? Would you be able to answer me with certainty & congruency? . When you’re a business owner, knowing and leveraging your X-Factor is CRITICAL for success. But how can you take advantage of something and use it to SERVE others when YOU don’t even know what it is? 🤔 . This week in the Netherlands, 2,000 business owners and #entrepreneurs from around the globe are here for our advanced #BusinessMastery program—it’s a powerful 6-day bootcamp designed to help business owners TRANSFORM their business and achieve EXPONENTIAL GROWTH … but the truth is, it will also change their lives! 💥📈 I love the diversity, especially in these European events! We have 68 countries represented in this classroom and we’re translating 7 different languages! What a miraculous microcosm! . Most people’s IDENTITY is tied to their business. Many people spend more time at work than with the ones they love most. That’s why it’s so important to work SMARTER. The promise of this program is no less than $1M in value to your business, but the real purpose is to walk away from this week reignited, with a greater sense of service and mission. . So what is the MEANING of your MISSION? And what’s your X-Factor? . Tap the link in my bio and check out the 5 questions to ask yourself that will help you identify your competitive edge. ☝🏼🔗 . 📸: @millakuhto

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