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Watch the full on-stage interview at Fortune's Brainstorm Health event

Earlier this year, Tony was invited to join 250 CEOs and thought leaders in health care, technology and innovation at Fortune Brainstorm Health conference in Dana Point, California. The two-day conference is about exploring how healthcare is changing and how technology can transform our biology and health – something he has been passionate about for a long time, but have recently gotten more involved in through his personal life and business investments.

There is so much new science emerging around health and human longevity, and what companies and individuals are doing with it is unbelievable. From companies leading the change in healthcare… to why mental health is the missing link in healthcare… to the challenges our immune systems face – it is truly eye-opening to see so many leaders united around the future of human health.

Following the presentations, Tony was interviewed by Dr. David Agus, who is one of the world’s leading physicians and New York Times bestselling author. He specializes in treating patients with advanced cancer drugs and has dedicated his life to developing new treatments. We recommend reading his three books: The End of Illness, A Short Guide to a Long Life, and The Lucky Years: How to thrive in the brave new world of health – all of which were New York Times bestsellers.

Tony spoke about how he became the man he is today – the emotional growth he experienced at a very young ago – and he also talked about the physical pain he lives with on a daily basis. Tony maintains a long, grueling time on the road and puts on non-stop, high energy events around the world, and that takes a massive toll on his body.

He also was able to discuss some of the amazing organizations he’s partnered with: Unlimited Tomorrow, which uses 3D printing to create open source robotic arms for a fraction of the cost, and Healthcare for the Future, which provides scholarships to help with the shortage of medical doctors our generation is currently experiencing.

Much appreciation to Deb Disanzo and the entire IBM Watson health for having Tony at Fortune Brainstorm Health and also for Dr. David Agus for the on-stage interview. We are looking forward to more opportunities for Tony to participate in the future of human health, longevity and vitality.

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