What is self-motivation?

What goal are you working toward right now? Maybe it’s getting in better shape or advancing in your career. Perhaps it’s discovering how to be a better romantic partner or parent to your children. Whatever the goal, think about why you haven’t reached it yet. What’s holding you back?

The answers that first come to mind might be external factors. You don’t have the time. You don’t have the skills. You don’t have the money. While these things might play a role in your lack of progress, what it really comes down to is a lack of self-motivation. When you’re driven and resourceful, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to – as long as you’re motivated.

What is self-motivation?

Self-motivation is encouraging yourself to continue making progress toward a goal, even when it feels challenging. It’s turning your shoulds into musts. Think of some of the most successful people you know. Are they the smartest people you’ve ever met? The wealthiest? Chances are, they’re not, but they are the most motivated to succeed. As Tony Robbins has said, “The one common denominator of all successful people is their hunger to push through their fears.”

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The psychology of motivation

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So, why do so many people find themselves lacking motivation? Finding the strength to self-motivate all comes down to your psychology. First, you have to clearly know what it is you want. Why do you want to improve your connection with your partner? Is it so you can deepen the trust and love between you, ultimately creating a long-lasting bond? Think of the reason why you want to succeed and turn to this motivation when things seem tough.

Then, you need to assess the emotion and meaning you’re attaching to your progress – successes and failures. When you face a setback, do you tell yourself you’re not good enough to succeed? If so, it’s time to seriously change your psychology. If you want to be motivated, you need to be in the mindset that you’re already motivated. When it’s time to self-motivate, think of the positive state you want to be in to get things done. How does your body feel when you’re motivated? Where are your energy levels at? What messages are you conveying with your body language?

By tapping into the positive state that you associate with self-motivation, you’ll be able to self-motivate more easily and often.

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Additional self-motivation techniques

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Learn better time management strategies. Sometimes the key to self-motivation is having the necessary tools and strategies under your belt. How are you managing your time? Find ways to stop procrastinating and start making progress, like chunking, RPM and N.E.T. Time.

Create a massive action plan. It’s as simple as writing down what it is you want, identifying your purpose behind it and creating a series of steps to help you reach your goal. Once you have your plan documented, you can refer to this for additional motivation when things get challenging along the way.

Look to the success of others. Turning to inspirational quotes for motivation or looking toward a mentor for advice can help you on your path to success.

Self-motivation is challenging because it comes from you. You can rely on external factors and friends for motivation, but at the end of the day, you’re the one who has to put the work in. By learning early on how to self-motivate and stay on track, you’ll ultimately experience greater successes sooner.

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