Lessons from powerful women

Tony Robbins has been in the business of helping others for decades. He’s worked with everyone from entrepreneurs to presidents, and some of the most amazing collaborations he’s experienced are the ones Tony’s embarked on with women across a variety of industries.

By working with some of the most talented, influential women in the world, Robbins and his company have gained invaluable insight into what it means to truly live in a beautiful state.

The eight women featured below have inspired not only Tony Robbins but the world with their contributions to business, athletics and entertainment.

Julianne Hough

At not even 30-years-old, Julianne Hough is recognized across households in America. She’s a two-time winner of Dancing with the Stars, has starred in numerous movies and even won an Emmy Award. In addition to her many accomplishments, Hough inspires others with her sincerity and candor. After attending Date With Destiny, Hough did some incredible self-reflection that drove her to seek out a better quality of life.

Hough felt she was desperately seeking love but unable to receive it from others — she was too set on withholding emotions and trying to appear strong. It takes an incredible amount of tenacity for a celebrity to open up about their personal life, and that’s precisely what she did after attending the event. Hough discovered that she was trying too hard to be perfect, instead of letting her authentic self shine through. When she made herself vulnerable and verbalized that she wanted emotional honesty, she was able to unlock a new level to her life and inspire countless others during the process.

julianne hough

Robin Roberts

robin roberts

Robin Roberts’ face graces millions of televisions every single day. The beloved newscaster began contributing to Good Morning America in 1995, and is one of the program’s most-watched anchors. Roberts undoubtedly has achieved a great deal in her lifetime, but her professional endeavors aren’t the only thing that allows her character to shine through.

Roberts was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, and went through numerous surgeries and many chemotherapy treatments to beat the disease. Tragedy struck again in 2012, when she was diagnosed with a bone marrow disease known as myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). Instead of letting her career fall to the wayside or allowing her fears to overcome her, Roberts kept living in a brave, beautiful state. She openly discussed her battle with the disease on-air, and took a leave from GMA to receive a bone marrow transplant before returning to once again dominate the screen. She’s won awards for her courageous coverage of her medical treatments, and is truly the definition of someone who has chosen to live life to the fullest.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams is the best athlete of our time — possibly all time. She has 72 career titles to her name, and has won 85% of the games she’s played. Williams has secured the top tennis titles by refusing to mimic the style of others. Williams’ plays are all her own, and she has consistently reinvented herself over time to suit the needs of her sport. She’s bounced back from numerous injuries, and famously won the Australian Open in 2017 while pregnant.

Not only has Williams exceled on the court, but she’s publicly dealt with personal issues with poise and grace, like dealing with insecurity and choosing to actively help others. One major component of Williams’ success is that she has maintained the mindset of a champion. Since she went pro at age 14, she’s maintained clarity of vision and has relentlessly worked to achieve her goals. Not only that, but she’s worked to use her post-game analyses to her advantage, resulting in an even higher success rate.

Melanie Whelan

melanie whelan

Have you ever been to a SoulCycle class? If so, you’re familiar with the feeling of leaving a dark room dripping sweat and feeling radiantly happy. Melanie Whelan is the wildly successful CEO of SoulCycle. She’s grown the business from just seven locations when she joined the brand in 2015 to nearly 100 today. In a fantastic episode of the Tony Robbins podcast, Whelan sits down with Tony to discuss what puts SoulCycle on a different level from its competitors. She discusses how it’s critical to be open with your intentions, both with your coworkers and clients, and how creating an environment people love is the key to turning your customers into raving fans.

Robyn O’Brien

When Robyn O’Brien’s toddler suffered from a mysterious, severe allergic reaction after breakfast one day, she raced her daughter to the emergency room. O’Brien’s daughter is one of countless children who suffers from food allergies. O’Brien was previously a top finance executive, and knew that food companies made higher profits by selling processed food — it’s cheaper to produce and they could mark up the price. But when it came to the health of her children, she realized this was harmful and simply unacceptable. She started investigating the myriad of artificial ingredients present in the American diet, and wanted to make a change. She founded the Allergy Kids Foundation, and works diligently to maintain the health of America’s children and fights to get rid of artificial ingredients.

Robyn O'Brien

Siri Lindley

siri lindley

Siri Lindley is a longtime friend of Tony Robbins. She’s an accomplished athlete who has won numerous triathlons around the world, and graduated from Brown University. Despite her many accomplishments, Lindley felt that life was happening to her. She was only able to feel deeply fulfilled in her life after she learned to say goodbye to fear and start embracing the things that did scare her. Only then was she able to break through her self-imposed barriers and truly live the life she’d always imagined. Of all her accomplishments, her decision to be brave and vulnerable is one of the most impressive.

Michelle Cordeiro Grant

Michelle Cordeiro Grant is one of the most innovative businesswomen in America. Her resume consists of impressive stints in leadership positions at companies like Victoria’s Secret, Nautica and Thrillist Media Group.

After working with Victoria’s Secret, she quickly saw that this one brand was completely dominating the lingerie market. With an incredible amount of knowledge and hard work, Grant left to form her own company, Lively. Lively brings together the best of women’s athleisure and lingerie, and presents all of its products digitally. Grant’s idea was so incredible that it secured her one of eight mentoring spots with Tony Robbins. She traveled to Fiji for personal coaching sessions with Tony, and her brand has thrived due to her commitment to creating a quality product and incorporating valuable customer feedback.

Michelle Cordeiro Grant

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

Regardless of whether or not you recognize the name Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, you’ve most likely purchased one of her products. She’s launched several brands to stratospheric success, and co-founded the Gilt Groupe, an online shopping brand that provides consumers with access to the latest in fashion. She didn’t become a successful entrepreneur and CEO by sitting around — she worked diligently to understand her audience, create an exceptional product and has consistently adapted to the changing needs of retail. She’s also responsible for raising millions of dollars for her business ventures. As a woman in the business world, Wilson has relied on her ambition and drive, and also places a strong emphasis on networking. She advises other entrepreneurs to not shy away from rejection, but to request feedback from those who pass on your ideas and then work to improve them.

What female athletes, businesswomen and leaders can teach us

The best way to take yourself to the next level is by surrounding yourself with people who have already achieved what you’re after. Familiarize yourself with the plight of successful women and study their journey. What can you learn from their choices? How can you use these same tactics to develop your own success? We’re inspired by these eight women, and countless other female leaders, who are changing the world in incredible ways.

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