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April 17, 2016

Embracing the power of anticipation

Futurist Martin Ford on anticipating technological advances for business success

All business owners have to be able to run two businesses: the business you’re in today and the business that you’re building. The world is constantly changing and you can’t afford to stand still.

Technology seems to be replacing more jobs than it creates. To make the best of these changes, we have to anticipate how this could affect

our business. In fact, it is the business owners who anticipate what is around the corner, rather than only focusing on running the business they’re in now, who will grow and thrive.

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Martin Ford

In this episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast, you’ll hear from Martin Ford, futurist, speaker, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and author. His books, Rule of the Robots: Rise of the Robots, Architects of Intelligence and The Lights in the Tunnel, have topped bestseller lists across the globe.

Martin has made a living off of anticipation. As a leading expert on artificial intelligence, he has always been one step ahead of the curve when it comes to job automation and the impact technology continues to have on our workplaces, our economies and our societies.

Power of anticipation

Whether you’re playing a video game or becoming an entrepreneur, you can’t deny the power of anticipation. Those who look to the near future are better prepared to make the next move that will provide them with the biggest chance for success.

Here, Tony discusses playing a video game with a child. This child has played this particular video game before. They anticipate when a roadblock will pop up and know what to do to get around it. That child will be more successful in the game than someone who does not understand how to anticipate roadblocks or challenges.

The same is true for business owners. Those business owners who understand that they cannot focus on the here and now, but rather anticipate upcoming trends or advances in technology, will be better prepared to make the necessary shifts to keep their businesses moving forward.

Anticipating technological shifts

As you’ll hear Martin discuss, it is important for all business owners and entrepreneurs to understand that workplaces and societies continually change. Part of that reason lies in the fact that technology is replacing more jobs than it creates.

Entrepreneurs must anticipate how these technological shifts will affect their workforce, their businesses and their bottom line. The companies that will be successful will be the ones that harness the power of anticipation and lean into technological advancements, including artificial intelligence and the use of robots in the workplace.

Martin Ford, Author, Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future

Martin Ford, Author, Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future


[0:00] Tony Robbins introduces the importance of anticipation
[3:00] The competitive advantage of anticipation
[4:30] Business leaders need to run two businesses
[5:00] Technology is replacing more jobs that it creates
[5:30] Bill Gates’s ability to anticipate
[6:40] Accepting new paradigms
[6:58] The status quo does not serve you
[8:15] Predicting the future
[9:15] Where do trends come from
[11:45] The rules of the game can change overnight
[13:00] Participating in technology shifts
[13:40] How software changes eliminated jobs
[16:00] Will technology advances bring manufacturing jobs back to U.S.
[17:22] Tremendous impact on labor-intensive countries
[18:55] The biggest disruption in the U.S.
[19:30] Robots capability for creative processes
[21:30] Implications for small business owners
[24:10] This will create new competitive landscape

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