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Did you know that a staggering 96% of businesses will fail over a 10-year period of time? And as for the remaining 4%, it does not necessarily mean they succeed, it means that they’ve survived. So what does it take – not only to launch a business, but to grow and scale it in a successful and sustainable way, even in an economic winter?

In this episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast, we’re taking you to Joe Polish’s Genius Network, where Tony sat down to give his best advice for entrepreneurs and to discuss what it takes to really change the game. What are the top traits of entrepreneurs? What are the moments that will define you as an entrepreneur? And how can you bring more value to the table than anyone else? This episode will provide you with a playbook for entrepreneurs so that you can scale a successful business and build a brand that will ultimately change the game.

The psychology of business

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about having the best product or service. And it’s not just about having the strategy or skills necessary to run a company. Because business, as Tony says, is for gladiators. And you absolutely must understand the entrepreneurial mindset necessary to wage the battle that is growing a business if you want to succeed.

You need to understand not only your own emotions and mindset, but also those of others. In the podcast, Tony will reveal the two things that influence everyone universally and how you can use them to achieve your own goals. As he says, “Life is the dance between what you desire most and what you fear most.” Understanding this will move your business forward.

Adding massive value

“The only way to build a brand is consistent added value,” Tony says. Marketing is important. Innovation is essential. But adding value for customers and the landscape is what pushes your business to the next level. “If you’re first and you keep adding value, keep innovating your marketing, no one’s ever going to catch you.”

To add massive value, you must fall in love with your customer, not your product. You must constantly be asking yourself what your customers need – and then giving it to them. That’s how you create raving fans and a thriving business. Because a customer-first mindset creates a culture of innovation, which is key to recruiting the best employees.

This playbook for entrepreneurs applies to any industry, any product and any economic environment. In economic winter, most businesses panic, get scared and cut back. For those who are prepared – and who always add value – that will be their greatest opportunity. Get the advice you need to succeed as a business entrepreneur in this podcast.

tony robbins at business mastery

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[00:55] Introduction
[02:00] Joe introduces Tony and Dean Graziosi
[03:40] What doesn’t Tony have an answer for?
[05:50] Do it for passion, not for money
[06:10] The importance of innovation and marketing
[06:30] Start with a mission and finding how to add value
[06:50] Joe Gebbia’s trajectory over a decade
[07:10] Culture is the ultimate element to building your brand
[07:40] Namale Resort
[08:00] Finding a way to do more for others than anyone else
[08:45] The beauty of competition
[09:15] Don’t just advertise, become the expert
[09:25] Value-added marketing
[09:40] It takes 16 impressions to inspire buying behavior
[10:10] Do something where marketing isn’t marketing
[10:30] The 17-year old kid in real estate
[11:35] Find a way to stand out from the crowd – the trash strike example
[14:10] Authenticity plays a critical role
[16:00] Building reciprocity with your customers
[17:00] Double the value you add
[17:20] Bringing innovation and marketing to the forefront
[18:35] Innovation can mean raising your price
[18:55] What innovation really means
[19:25] Changing the way something is perceived
[20:55] The man who was copying Tony constantly
[22:00] Does change happen in a second?
[22:35] Staying in a relationship too long
[23:20] It’s not conditions, it’s your decisions that really matter
[24:15] You can’t build a massive business without building a culture
[24:35] To influence another human being
[24:55] State and blueprint
[26:00] Understanding their fears and desires
[26:15] Congruence
[27:15] Dean’s weekly video system
[28:35] Learning how your customer feels at every level
[32:05] Working for a company that really cares
[32:45] Handling the fear in 2008
[33:45] Who is your ideal client?
[34:05] Raving fans vs. satisfied customers
[35:15] Understanding your ideal client
[35:25] What is your irresistible offer?
[35:40] Tony Hsieh example
[37:15] Winter is coming
[37:45] Most businesses will be destroyed by winter
[38:00] Winter is an opportunity to grow geometrically
[38:55] Baby boomers are heading into retirement
[39:30] Prepare now for winter and you’ll find opportunity
[40:30] The better entrepreneur looks for winter
[41:15] You will be terminally intermediate unless you challenge yourself
[42:40] Tony’s seminar in Canada
[47:20] Getting crystal clear on where you want to go
[48:50] What would the best year of my life look like?
[50:40] Don’t fall in love with your product or service
[51:55] Fall in love with your customers
[52:00] Become and owner, not an operator
[52:30] Hire people smarter than you
[55:20] Advice for a passion project
[55:35] A belief is a poor substitute for experience
[55:50] Give people an experience
[56:00] Branding is identity
[56:05] Identity is the strongest driving force we have
[57:50] Hunger trumps intelligence any day
[58:40] Where does your hunger come from?
[59:00] What are you made for?

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