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February 21, 2020

Hidden in plain sight

One man’s fight to end human trafficking, and bring light to the darkest side of humanity

Human trafficking is the worst part of humanity, and it’s hiding in plain sight. It’s hard not to ignore it, because it’s so unbearable to think about. When you hear about it on the news, or see it in a movie, most people turn it off, because it’s simply too hard to imagine a child of your own, a sibling, a niece or nephew, godchild, in such a situation. It’s difficult, and it’s dark – and most people don’t want to face the darkness.

But one organization, Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), is looking darkness directly in the eye. In the past six years of existence, they have rescued 3,500 victims and assisted in the arrests of more than 1,500 traffickers around the world through coordinated rescue operations and recovery programs. Their work, and mission, is one that Tony and Sage Robbins are deeply passionate about.

Listen to the interview with O.U.R. founder, Tim Ballard, on how they’re working to eradicate human trafficking – and incredible stories of survival and healing.

Tim Ballard holding a baby in his arms next to a quote

[00:07] Episode introduction
[00:45] Tony’s dedication to O.U.R.
[01:18] How Tony learned of O.U.R.
[01:52] The secret to living is giving
[03:00] Raising money for O.U.R. at Business Mastery
[03:30] Tony’s experience going undercover
[04:20] The first moments of freedom
[05:20] Tim Ballard’s dedication to rescuing children
[06:17] Modern day slavery is hiding in plain sight
[07:00] Statistics on human trafficking
[07:28] Human trafficking in America
[08:05] Tim’s experience as a special agent
[08:35] Tim leaves the government to start O.U.R.
[09:21] Tony is not afraid to look darkness in the eye
[10:00] People turn a blind eye to human trafficking
[10:28] Sound of Freedom movie clip
[12:50] The mission that started O.U.R.
[13:14] O.U.R.’s work in the middle east infiltrating ISIS
[13:34] The story of Naveen
[13:56] ISIS terrorizes a Yazidi community, Nevine is captured
[14:40] Naveen’s mother receives life-changing news
[15:20] Naveen returns home at age 16
[15:57] Naveen commits to rescuing thousands
[16:33] The O.U.R. aftercare process
[17:01] The vetting process for aftercare homes
[17:45] Replacing darkness with hope
[18:10] A survivor that’s starting his own business
[18:40] The O.U.R. aftercare team
[19:10] The education to succeed
[19:42] The surprising result of one of Tim’s missions
[20:27] A sting operation in Haiti
[20:50] The boy that “picked” Tim
[21:30] The little boy’s sister
[22:40] Tim breaks the cardinal rule of underground ops
[23:06] Tim buys the brother and sister in the sting op
[23:26] Tim decides to adopt them them
[24:11] Why the little girl never kept anything
[24:44] The science behind giving
[25:45] The greatest blessing
[26:55] How Tim sees the light, despite the darkness
[28:38] Tony and Sage’s goal of saving 10,000 children

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