Love and the Modern Family image of Mary B., and Tony & Sage Robbins
March 3, 2023

Love and the Modern Family

Love and the Modern Family

This intimate episode of The Tony Robbins Podcast was recorded at home in February of 2023 with Tony Robbins, his wife, Sage Robbins, and Mary B., friend and surrogate of their child. Listen as they discuss unconditional love and the modern family.

Tony begins with an introduction on our evolutionary advantage and the most powerful force on earth: LOVE. He riffs on why people become jaded and pessimistic after the loss of love, pain, past references, and cultural conditioning and implores the audience to keep their hearts open to the depths of the human heart we all crave.

Tony and Sage share “the explosion of love” that has come through their 23 years of marriage and starting a family together.

This extended conversation covers topics including: expectations of intimate relationships, media messages, parenting, prince and princess romantic ideals, oneness, mindfulness, modern love constellations and chosen family configurations, sobriety, human behavior, couples communication, emotional fitness, the trap of blame and judgement, the importance of self-love, and more.

This episode serves for all listening to be reminded that “love defies the odds.” It invites us all to offer the love that is our highest and truest human essence to our beloved, our parents, friends, children, brothers, sisters, co-workers, and beyond. Let’s love this world up. Enjoy!


[02:28] An explosion of love
[05:40] Tony fell in love with his “weirdo”
[11:00] Dr. Gottman can predict divorce in 15 mins
[12:12] Self-Love
[16:11] Story: Abu Dhabi dinner with crown prince
[20:06] Law of Familiarity
[23:02] The Making of a Modern Family
[28:30] Creativity, Caring, Growing
[34:35] 4 Levels of Love
[40:27] On break-ups and separation
[41:47] Conditioning, pain, loss
[44:40] Love inside out
[48:35] Alcohol and relationship
[55:29] “Where we all meet”
[1:03:26] Opening and closing
[1:07:07] “All are welcome here”
[1:11:44] Filters & Dating apps
[1:17:49] Story: Jordan Peterson meeting
[1:22:02] Love transcends IF we are open to it
[1:27:54] Life Skill: S.E.W.
[1:32:34] Life is precious; lean in
[1:33:32] Let’s love this world up
[1:34:53] Sign off

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