Is AI the business partner you’re missing?

Ben Lamm, CEO of Hypergiant, discusses how artificial intelligence can take your customer experience to the next level

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If you want to grow in business, you need to be willing to think outside of the box. Ben Lamm, CEO of Hypergiant, has done just that.

In this episode, our host, Ana, interviews Lamm, CEO of the Dallas-based startup that Tony himself invested in. In this candid conversation, you’ll hear how Lamm envisions artificial intelligence (AI) providing a new and improved customer experience for businesses in any industry.

Lamm explains how artificial intelligence can be used to retain customers as well as improve business relations, internal processes and customer experiences. He breaks down the pragmatic benefits of the technology in a way that clears the mystery and misunderstanding that normally surrounds the concept of AI.

According to Lamm, incorporating artificial intelligence into a business strategy does not have to be all or nothing. A business can keep its existing business plans and strategy while starting to use artificial intelligence functions wherever it deems appropriate. Small changes, such as adding a chatbot to your customer service team, can create a big difference in your customer experience.

Hypergiant’s partnership with popular restaurant TGI Friday’s is an example of how to incorporate artificial intelligence into an existing business strategy. Working with the restaurant’s customer data, Hypergiant created Flanagan, an AI-powered mixologist. Flanagan interacts with customers by providing drink recommendations while simultaneously collecting more data about their preferences. Flanagan provides a fun and interesting experience for customers while also increasing customer loyalty for the restaurant.

Lamm and his explanation of artificial intelligence is a clear example of how businesses can expand and scale when they focus on their customers’ needs, embrace change and actively evolve.

Ben Lamm, CEO of Hypergiant

Is AI a negative business disruption or will it change the way we do business for the better?

As Lamm discusses in this episode, when properly understood, artificial intelligence can be the difference between a good customer experience and a great one. 

As business owners, we need to embrace change and look toward the future when we’re exploring opportunities to expand and grow our businesses. Whether it’s giving our customers something they need or improving our internal processes, AI is one way to achieve these goals.

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[00:57] Episode Introduction
[02:20] Welcome Ben
[02:30] An intro to Hypergiant
[03:05] The problem Hypergiant solves
[04:30] Excitement and emotions around AI
[05:50] Great ideas and passion
[06:00] Creating an accessible, yet impactful business
[06:40] AI is a different way of looking at data
[07:15] NASA using AI to make new companies
[08:15] Taking bite-sized pieces of AI
[09:30] The venture arm of Hypergiant
[10:00] Hypergiant’s approach to solving problems
[10:50] Evaluating potential clients
[12:00] Tech-first vs. business-first
[12:30] Their biggest competitor
[13:40] The old model of approaching sales
[14:00] Metaprograms, deep-listening, NLP
[15:50] A retro-futurism style
[16:50] Considering the cultural mindset of your audience
[18:15] The mobile app comparison
[19:40] The hesitation and skepticism surrounding AI
[20:50] Small changes companies can make now with AI
[21:50] The TGI Friday’s example
[24:40] Focusing on outcomes, then introducing tech
[27:00] Humanization for the customer
[27:30] The value of reinforced learning
[30:30] Building trust with customers
[31:40] How could AI benefit your business?
[34:30] Updating old systems
[35:50] Start with curiosity
[37:50] Encouraging leadership to initiate change
[41:00] The future of AI

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