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How to have the emotional strength to handle anything

Mastering the gift of emotion

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Cancer is a terrifying word. It’s the second leading cause of death in the US and Europe. One in 4 people will be diagnosed with the disease at some point during their lifetimes. The good news is that with new treatments, survival rates are going up.

Kris Carr, the best-selling author of Crazy Sexy Cancer, was diagnosed with a rare and incurable Stage 4 cancer when she was 31 years old. She fought and survived – but the battle was not just a physical one. The emotional journey she took was remarkable, and you’ll hear how she learned how to not let her diagnosis define her. She changed her story, and thus changed her life.

You’ll also hear from Tony on the power of taking control over your emotions, and you’ll witness a one-on-one session with a client who must learn how to separate from his stress. Tony helps him tap into the higher part of himself that is more than his emotion, and more than just his thoughts.

Finally, you’ll hear from Emilee Garfield of the Cancer Core Recovery Project, on her own experience, and find out how she is helping those who do not have access to education and healing techniques and her “movement as medicine” philosophy.

Learn more about the gift of emotion here.

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