Achieving peak performance

What is the secret to accomplishing peak performance? Masterful athletes understand how to reach peak performance through mindset and lifestyle – lessons we can all apply to reach our full potential. 

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What is peak performance?

Attaining peak performance requires the same discipline you’d need to reach any goal. But what is peak performance? It’s a mindset and a lifestyle. Understanding how to reach peak performance means embracing healthy habits along with a sports mindset – the mindset of a champion. For inspiration, look to athletes like tennis superstar Serena Williams, who demonstrates how to reach peak performance through dedication and laser focus. For Serena, reaching peak athletic performance means commitment to a vision and unstoppable confidence

The psychology of reaching peak athletic performance

What is the psychology behind peak athletic performance, and how does it apply to success in other areas of life? Sport performance psychologists help athletes and professionals from all walks of life overcome barriers to peak performance. Here are the strategies they suggest for forming a mindset that lets you realize your personal best.  

Be flexible

Being a true leader in sports or anything else takes a certain flexibility. To reach your peak performance, strive to be goal-oriented and self-compassionate while practicing empathy toward others.

Serve your values, not your ego

Finding contentment is all about serving your values. When your decisions are ego-driven instead of value-driven, you will never find lasting fulfillment. To achieve peak performance, prioritize your passions so you’re purpose-driven in everything you do. 

Accept failure as a route to success

When you’re learning how to reach peak performance, you’ll inevitably encounter challenges and failures along the way. Realize that failure is a learning experience that paves your road to success. 

Trust in the training effect

In sports and life, progress is almost never linear. You’ll hit peaks, valleys and plateaus on your road to peak performance. These obstacles are actually crucial to your performance, since failures tend to energize us while successes generate complacency. This is the training effect: Immersion (in challenges) plus results coaching and consistent repetition lets you attain peak athletic performance. So trust in the training effect to further your goals. 

Identify the problem

What is stopping you from reaching peak performance? If a lack of confidence or another insecurity is getting in your way, acknowledging it is your first step. Once you identify the obstacle, you can tackle it directly.

Focus on your strengths

Sports psychologists look to human potential as a powerful driver of peak performance. To build resilience, focus on your strengths. It’s your inner resources that will truly propel you to fulfill your potential.

Leverage your assets

As legendary baseball coach John Wooden said, the most important skill in any sport is controlled quickness. Without control, you risk wasting your energy without getting results to show for it. To practice controlled quickness, leverage your assets. When you make full use of your resources, you’re able to stay on your toes while making informed decisions. 

How to reach peak performance: Practical tips

Learning how to reach peak performance requires harnessing your physical, mental and emotional resources. Building practical strategies into your day-to-day life lets you develop the mental muscle you need to outperform even yourself. 

Practice visualization


When it comes to achieving peak athletic performance, it’s not practice makes perfect – it’s perfect practice makes perfect. Perfect practice means visualizing reaching your goal so you’re primed for success when it’s time to take action. Imagery training lets you practice with certainty and execute without hesitancy. 

Practice staying true to yourself

Your mental health is as vital to peak performance as your physical fitness. You must stay true to yourself to find real meaning in anything you do. If you’re feeling distracted or uninspired, it’s time to recover your spark. Letting go of unhealthy habits and attachments goes a long way to recovering your true self

stay true to yourself

Practice recovery

practice recovery

Exercise and recovery form the two-sided coin of athleticism. When your mind and body are fit and well-rested, you’re able to stay at the top of your game. To achieve peak athletic performance, you must allow the body to replenish itself. For high-performing athletes, experts may recommend state-of-the-art recovery technologies like hydrotherapy, compression and massage to enhance performance.

Inspiring podcasts on realizing peak performance

Tony Robbins has interviewed world-class athletes to get their thoughts on how to reach peak performance. Look to their stories for wisdom and encouragement. 

Mike Tyson’s road to a second chance

mike tysonHeavyweight champion Mike Tyson fought his way from the streets to the boxing ring, then spiraled down after being imprisoned for a felony. To turn his life around, Mike found a mentor and learned to be vulnerable. For Mike Tyson, peak performance now means wellness of the body, mind and heart.

Conor McGregor: The undeniable force

connor mcgregorUFC fighter Conor McGregor is a quintessential example of someone who’s created unwavering certainty in his ability to fight and win. Understanding the law of attraction, Conor’s strategy – visualize, see and tell – allows him to achieve peak athletic performance. 

Abby Wambach leads the pack


abby wambachSoccer legend Abby Wambach outlines eight strategies for reaching peak performance. Her approach hinges on self-direction in finding one’s path. For Abby, peak performance means believing in your capacity for success.


Becoming Michael Phelps


michael phelpsOlympic swimmer Michael Phelps enjoyed success only after overcoming numerous hurdles, including struggles with depression. To realize peak performance in all areas of life, Michael began to prioritize relationships and contentment as much as physical prowess. For Michael, peak performance now means using his platform to advocate for holistic health awareness.

The insatiable fight inside UFC’s Dana White


dana whiteUFC president Dana White is a phenomenal example of peak performance in business. He saved the UFC from near bankruptcy, then transformed it into a thriving multi-billion dollar enterprise. To execute this turnaround, Dana took risks and went outside the box, harnessing his personal power to transform the UFC. Peak performance for Dana means having a bulletproof mindset, overcoming negativity and appreciating the journey.


The unflagging faith of Nick Foles


nick folesNFL star Nick Foles overcame his self-doubt by transforming his mindset – from one of fear to one of belief that good can come of life’s struggles. For Nick, peak performance now means finding freedom from fear.


Shaun White’s ultimate redemption

shaun whiteOlympic snowboarder Shaun White has made peak performance a lifelong pursuit, enduring injuries and defeats in his journey to the Olympics. For Shaun, understanding how to reach peak performance means caring for your health while taking risks to reach your goals.

Defining Kevin Hart


kevin hartStandup comedian and media mogul Kevin Hart understands how to reach peak performance. He rose to success by never settling for less and viewing mistakes as learning opportunities. For Kevin, peak performance means being confident in your gift and never giving up on your dreams.

Fear will destroy you or drive you

siri lindleyWhat do Tony Robbins, triathlete Siri Lindley and life coach Sanni McCandless have in common? To achieve peak performance, they each faced their fears instead of giving into them. They demonstrated that, by conditioning your mind, you create the resiliency you need to achieve peak performance.


Secrets of peak performance


secrets of peak performanceFor more than 40 years, Tony Robbins has worked closely with some of the highest-performing athletes in the world. They’re a valuable resource for understanding how to reach peak performance by creating a winning mindset and gaining certainty.

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