How to Guard Your Mind

Discipline Your Fears and Control Your Focus to Succeed in Any Environment

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Tony’s mentor, author and entrepreneur Jim Rohn, always told him, “Stand guard at the door of your mind.” Whatever information you’re feeding your mind on a daily basis, whatever you focus upon consistently, you’re going to experience as real – and if we don’t discipline our fears and control our focus, the world will gladly do it for us. It’s your choice what to focus on. 

This episode of #TheTonyRobbinsPodcast includes exclusive content from Tony, recorded years ago as part of his PowerTalk series. And while this is from some time ago, his message is timeless – and extremely relevant in times like these. Tony will review four ways that information that appears to be true may not be: misinformation, information deficit, information pollution and information overload. 

We live in a society with unprecedented levels of fear and uncertainty. It’s easy to fall into the trap that the future is bleak. That the good times have passed and there is no hope that we can still achieve our dreams. Social media has fueled the spread of information – some factual and some not – creating a heightened sense of anxiety. Those who will succeed in this environment have one thing others don’t: the ability to use fear before it uses them. They can find the lesson in every circumstance. Discover how you can use fear in Tony’s article and in the podcast here. 

How do they overcome fear so effectively? Focus. Every successful person has decided what they want their lives to be about. They never let what’s been done in the past, other people’s beliefs or the limitations they put on themselves or others hold them back from achieving their vision. They know what they want and they put all of their energy toward achieving it. Click here if you want to learn more about how focus can help you achieve everything you’ve ever wanted. 

The best thing you can do is to get clear on your goals. Define the information you need. Find someone who is getting the results you want, sit down with them and ask them questions. Then do what they are doing. Listen to the podcast to hear more on how to discipline fears, control focus and achieve in any environment. 


[00:40] Episode introduction
[02:00] Tony’s pursuit of profound knowledge from teachers
[02:55] The the ability to make a vision real, despite lack of support
[03:20] The common denominators of success
[03:56] If it can be described, it can be done
[04:25] It’s easy to fall into the trap that the future is bleak
[04:40] Information (x) your focus = your personal reality
[05:24] The media has to generalize, and news has to sell
[05:44] Pain oriented news sells more
[06:40] Human beings do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure
[06:56] Feed your mind with information that increases the quality of your life
[07:35] What if Walt Disney accepted others’ limited views of his vision?
[08:40] Those who succeed are those who trust their instincts
[09:18] The information we focus on determines what we do
[09:41] John Templeton saw opportunity when everyone else fled
[10:25] When crisis can be opportunity
[10:50] Those who go against the grain are those that succeed
[11:33] We live in a society with increased uncertainty
[11:57] Social proof is how to influence behavior cross-culturally
[12:33] The lie: If enough people believe something, it must be right
[13:17] Prioritize your health in times like these
[14:07] The psychology of the crowd is one of fear
[14:53] Mis-information can do nothing but destabilize you
[15:42] Being different from the rest produces success
[17:11] Don’t be what the crowd wants you to be
[17:44] What the majority does isn’t always the most effective
[18:12] Don’t always believe the experts
[19:40] Always question what you are told
[20:30] The five information challenges
[20:45] Information is worthless without a purpose
[20:57] The RAS – Reticular Activating System
[22:00] When your brain creates significant, you see it everywhere
[22:44] When you’re clear on your goals, ideas jumps out at you
[23:23] Get the information you need in order to be effective
[24:43] Information deficit can mess up personal relationships
[25:40] Find someone who is getting the results you want
[26:07] The problem with information pollution
[26:47] Information pollution occurs when there’s secondary gain
[27:55] Ask yourself if there’s another possible explanation
[29:20] Once you know your purpose, go to people producing results
[29:50] Information overload: Break through the clutter

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