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The F word you need to embrace

So many people today yearn for happiness, joy, and love — seemingly, to no avail. We live in a world with so many choices, and resources, and freedoms, and so much technology, yet so many of us seem to live lives that are filled with MORE stress and LESS enjoyment than ever in history. Why […]

Keeping the spark alive

“Long distance never works.” “The seven-year itch is real.” “Children always kill romance.” “You can’t have love and a successful career. You have to choose.” Chances are you’ve heard at least one of these statements, or a variation on the theme, from someone you know. One of the most common myths about long-term relationships is […]

How to let go

Holding on is a critical way that we keep ourselves from reaching our goals. Whether we are holding a grudge for a perceived slight from a friend, holding on to memories from a relationship or holding on to a negative experience that replays in our minds, we all do it. But why do we have […]

How to forgive and love again

We all have a certain amount of baggage from the past. The difference between those who are able to move on and prosper in future romantic relationships and those who get mired down is forgiveness. Forgiveness allows us to stow that baggage where it belongs. After all, how can you ever start out on a […]