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An exclusive conversation with Sage Robbins

We’re all here together in this Earth School learning, doing the best we can, making mistakes, picking ourselves back up. The soothing balm that keeps us going is often another’s kindness, caring, connection, and love. Its power is truly transformational.

If you think of any great mother, real or archetypal, they have a capacity to love unconditionally — to accept, to allow, to give, to understand, to listen, to nurture. A mother’s love brims with compassion and mercy. Even when their beloved has behavior that may be less desirable, there’s still a universal knowingness and a loving essence for the human heart before them.

That unconditional aspect of love is what is discussed in this one-hour special edition episode. Hear Tony, Sage, and Mary B converse on what it means to sponsor life.

Experience the journey that Mary B. and Sage took to motherhood, filled with excitement and challenge, awe and wonder, and deep gratitude for the divine energies that guided them both to sponsor life. Through the modern family they created without expectation or labels, they shepherd along their beautiful daughter as she experiences things for the first time. Witnessing her curiosity and how she navigates these experiences, they, in fact, are schooled daily and grow through the mirror their daughter provides for each of them.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day in all its forms, biological or chosen, traditional or modern, structured or free flowing, during peace or war, let us remember with gratitude the miracle of life we are all so lucky to live.

There’s a beauty to life. The mess of it, and the sweetness of it, and the pain of it. And so, it’s not to say that there aren’t challenges and that there isn’t pain in moments like right now with what’s happening on the world stage. But we can contribute to the schism, or we can be a balm. We can be a balm of kindness, and goodness, and look to bring love, light, illumination, presence, connectedness, to be an ear to listen. It’s amazing how that can shift another’s world. I know what it feels like for me to receive that. I know what it feels like to offer that. And I think that’s a beautiful reality that sometimes in the busyness of life, we can forget how impactful in a moment we can touch another. That we can reach another. That we can move another. That we can remind each other because we’re mirroring each other and as we’re offering that we’re experiencing that. Everything that I’m saying to you in this moment, it’s really all selfishly for myself. Life is such a beautiful house of mirrors. We’re all reflecting each other.

-Sage Robbins



  • How YOU can sponsor life
  • How to tap into the powerful divine energies that flow through us all
  • What life lessons two new moms have learned already

Listen below to the full conversation.


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[2:00] Sage Robbins on “sponsoring life”
[7:38] Mary B. & Sage on masculine and feminine energies and archetypes
[13:58] On a mother’s unconditional love
[14:56] In birth as in death
[17:49] The teacher becomes the student
[18:11] Tony pops in studio
[23:10] Nurturing/Mothering of self
[28:45] “You have influence over your children but you don’t have control” -Tony Robbins
[31:37] The Serenity Prayer
[35:08] Hello, I’m alive! We’re spinning on this planet, and my heart is beating!
[36:10] Social media shifts when
[37:22] As Ken Wilber would say, it’s “grit and grace”
[38:28] Be a balm in this world
[39:31] Sage and Mary B’s personal journey to motherhood
[44:51] Kahlil Gibran on children
[46:40] What’s the meaning of life? And other big questions
[47:16] Modern families and unique constellations
[50:42] Divine energies
[52:28] A newborn’s innate intelligence
[55:25] Magda Gerber and the RIE school of thought
[58:20] The label vs. The experience
[1:03:03] Happy Mother’s Day to all


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