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Courtney Epps transforms her mindset

How she learned to shift her focus to what truly matters

Posted by: Team Tony

“I took the leap of faith, and it has massively changed my business. . .  I want to be a business owner, not an operator.” – Courtney Epps

Courtney Epps is the owner of OTB Tax and author of More Relaxing, Less Taxing, which lays out how businesses can combat taxes and keep more of their money. A financial expert, company founder, author and fractional CFO to companies large and small, Courtney certainly seems to have her business figured out. But as she says in her book, “The more you learn, the more you earn.”

Courtney took her own advice and headed to Business Mastery, where she realized she needed to stop doing it all herself to truly become a business owner, not just an operator.

Tony Robbins says, “As a business operator you’re always stressed, because you’re always trying to do it all and worried it’s not going to get done. Being a business owner is, ‘I’m not there and it runs like a top.’”

Courtney Epps would agree. She says, “I used to think that I was the greatest at what I did, so I shouldn’t hire anybody to do it. But what I realized is when you spread yourself too thin, you’re not great at it.” She needed the tools, strategy, drive and personal development to move from operator to owner so she could write books and help her company grow.  

Learning new strategies

“I really thought that Tony was just motivational. I didn’t realize all the strategy, information and systems he helps you put into place,” says Courtney Epps. She quickly learned that Business Mastery is about more than inspirational talks. Tony’s systematic method teaches attendees how to identify, categorize and prioritize every business problem to maximize effectiveness and problem-solving.

Courtney went through the entire lifecycle of her business so she could understand where she had been, in order to determine where she wanted to go. She realized the critical factor that was impacting her business: she was busy sweating the small stuff, when she needed to be thinking big. She needed the skills – and confidence – to hire the right team members and trust them to do their jobs well.

Shifting her focus

Tony says, “The chokehold on the growth of your business is always the leader – it’s always your psychology and your skills.” Courtney Epps needed to shift her focus to the big picture: becoming a successful business owner, rather than an operator. Business Mastery helps owners realize that what got them to where they are won’t always take them to the next level. To succeed, you must be willing to transform your own psychology and see your business through a new lens.

What’s preventing you from becoming the great leader you could be? Do you need to learn how to better manage your state, be more confident in your decisions or learn new ways to communicate? At Business Mastery you’ll uncover what’s really holding you back so you can focus on moving forward.

Surrounding herself with the right people

One of Courtney’s favorite parts of Business Mastery was “being around the people who are the top one percent.” She inherently knew one of the most important principles for business success: proximity is power. Surrounding yourself with people who are playing the game better than you will challenge you to reach new heights. As Tony says, “Model someone who is already getting the results you want.” Courtney Epps discovered that Business Mastery was the perfect place to find those people.

After making lifelong connections and listening to world-class speakers, you can take advantage of the Coaching Sessions included with your package. Business Coaching will help you continue to set goals, push through your limiting beliefs and keep your momentum going. Whether you need to work on your mindset, strategy or decision-making, your coach will help you continue to surround yourself with quality people that inspire you to reach your peak state.

Finding her drive

While Business Mastery is filled with real-life skills and strategies, there is plenty of inspiration as well. “You also get the motivation and the personal development to make you go out and do the things you’ve got to do,” says Courtney Epps. Successful business owners are crystal clear on their X factor, and incorporate it into all aspects of their company. They have a company vision so powerful, others see it, too. 

Maybe you had these things in the beginning, but you’ve become lost along the way. Business Mastery will help you dig deep and find your purpose – the real reason you get up and run your company every day. Then you’ll create goals that connect back to your ultimate mission in life. When you follow this method, growing your business just feels natural.

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