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How does your sales team stack up?

5 Strategies to Increase Your Sales

Posted by: Team Tony

No matter how successful your business is, you always have to be looking at the next opportunity – finding ways to meet your clients where they are. This is Force #4 of the 7 Forces of Business Mastery: Sales Mastery Systems.

Here are five strategies you can immediately implement to reach markets and help skyrocket your revenue:       

1. Get Personal

On average, less than 25% of leads are ever contacted. Work on developing one-on-one client relationships – especially with prospects overlooked by your competitors.

2. Create and Maintain Momentum

Every day you are not growing market share and driving revenue is a day someone else is taking market share and revenue away from you. An effective sales team will focus not only on active demand, but even more so on latent demand. That’s how your business can create and maintain momentum.

3. Develop Effective Leadership & Cohesion 

No matter the size or worth of your company, it’s crucial your sales team is willing to go the extra mile to capture new markets. This requires strong leadership to oversee the task of scouting business prospects.

In addition to having the proper leadership to drive teams to scout business prospects, you also need to create a cohesive sales and marketing structure. Today your prospects have immediate, detailed information about your company’s products and services, along with information about all of your competitors. They have access to real-life, real-time reviews. Rather than waiting for a marketing campaign or a sales person to approach them, clients are proactively seeking products that are best suited to their needs. In addition, these self-directed, web-savvy clients prefer to shop online, according to their own schedules, to create the outcomes they want. Today, your organization needs to be accessible, flexible, informed, responsive and willing to help clients achieve their desired outcomes.

4. Maximize Efficiency & Communication

Implement tightly integrated communication and feedback between sales and marketing. Build in updates about the type of leads needed, strategies being deployed to deliver those leads, processes being used to follow up those leads, and the progress being made.

Coupled with managing sales plays by stipulating what will be done by sales and marketing each week to support each other’s efforts you will be able to reap the rewards.

5. Go Global

The world has evolved into one giant market and while there are challenges to branching out, there are greater benefits. Through managed expansions or channel partner relationships, your business can find massive demand in any corner of the globe.

At Business Mastery, learn directly from Tony how to constantly optimize your sales team. Once you have a dependable and powerful sales team, your business will experience incredible growth.


Discover what your business is capable of at Business Mastery