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The real life story of a Manager

One man’s path to fulfillment

Posted by: Team Tony

“Whatever you enjoy the most, you’ll do the most.” –Tony Robbins

We can discipline ourselves, training our minds and bodies to grow and be strengthened in areas where we’re weak — but we are always going to gravitate towards what truly ignites us. In your case, you’ll always be drawn like a magnet towards being a Manager. Congratulations! You’ve made a clear distinction – that’s a core strength of your personal gift. You now belong to an exclusive group of people who hold this key information to leading yourself and your business to a new level!

This insight has the power to set you free and propel you into your destiny. It’s an incredible claim, but to constantly succeed you need incredible results. Systemic organization is a driving force that you naturally return to in your life and in your business. Take a second and think about the elements you enjoy in your life — when you align this driving force with your nature in your business you will kick butt and take names. But as long as you try force yourself to operate under an identity that is not in alignment with your core gift, you will always be seeking an elusive satisfaction and you will not reach your potential in your business.

When Ben Mason started a fitness group with his fiancée, he assumed that simply starting a business meant that he was an Entrepreneur. The first surprising truth Ben learned at Business Mastery is, “starting a business was entrepreneurial, however it doesn’t necessarily make you an entrepreneur.” Starting any business is a risk, and therefore demonstrates an entrepreneurial spirit, but that doesn’t mean that your true nature is that of an Entrepreneur – and that’s okay! Each of the three core gifts are highly valuable and necessary for a business to be successful and its team member to feel fulfilled.

Ben knew that he was interested in creating effective workplaces through world-class practices, systems and staffing. What he did not know was that he is, in fact, the very model of a Manager! Which balances out in his favor, considering his fiancée and business partner is an Artist.

As a Manager, Ben is the person who wants to manage the people and the resources and the system, figuring out how to organize people and systems to maximize results. The Artist hates this stuff; Managers live for it. They get excited about thinking about a better way to do things. The processes Ben was most excited to implement in his business after Business Mastery were systems of releasing stores of content to their clients, improving numbers forecasting, and linking the leads to their financial management. In other words – systems, systems, systems! It is the mantra of a Manager, not an Entrepreneur.

An Entrepreneur may use their amassed wealth to collect works of art, but they’re in this game for the money, the risk and the massive rewards, not for the art of the work. And they don’t mind telling you that! Entrepreneurs are pragmatic, they may love the product or service they have created, but they also understand that millions of products and services already exist. So if a great opportunity comes along to sell their business, they’ll roll the dice — sell off and find another product or service to build a business around. Managers may considering selling, but more than likely they won’t want to leave the team that they have built.

Ben, as a Manager, is always looking for a team that complements each other’s strengths. And because the Manager has to get results across every person, department and area involved, there are a lot more variables for him. Therefore, Ben has used the wealth of value he learned at Business Mastery to successfully shift his focus toward taking more ownership of the operation, while looking to his Artist fiancée for inspiration. “I’ll be asking more questions, listening more and not jumping to conclusions as to where I feel a discussion, idea or opportunity will lead.” Sounds like a winning strategy for a successful team.

Become a more effective business owner at Business Mastery