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The real life story of an Artist

One Artist discovers her true nature through the joy of her mission

Posted by: Team Tony

“Whatever you enjoy the most, you’ll do the most.” –Tony Robbins

We can discipline ourselves, training our minds and bodies to grow and be strengthened in areas where we’re weak — but we are always going to gravitate towards what truly ignites us. In your case, you’ll always be drawn like a magnet towards being an Artist Congratulations! You’ve made a clear distinction – you possess a deep understanding of your true nature. You are now part of a select group of people who hold the keys to leading yourself and your business to a new level!

This insight has the power to set you free and propel you into your destiny. It’s a big claim, but no less true. There is a driving force that you naturally return to in your life and in your business. Pause a moment and think about what that may be for you, in your life. When you align this driving force with your nature in your business you will kick butt and take names. But as long as you try force yourself to operate under an identity that is not in alignment with your core gift, you will always be seeking an elusive satisfaction and you will not reach your potential in your business – like Michaela Isaac.

Michaela was initially disillusioned after launching her own business.

“I had forgotten…You know, I just [recently] started my business, but even in that short amount of time I was starting that business because it was a means to an end….and then when it’s partially successful I’d just sell it and move on. That’s how I felt before I came here.”

Michaela thought she was an Entrepreneur; she was wearing an attractive identity that was an ill fit.

But at Business Mastery – Michaela’s very first Tony Robbins event – Michaela had a breakthrough. She realized that she truly finds unique fulfillment in what she does, and that her core gift is that of the Artist.

“I realized I’m not an entrepreneur, I’m an artist. And actually, I love what I do. I love it.”

Michaela’s whole face lights up with a megawatt smile as she gestures to emphasize just how deeply she loves her mission.

“I realized that I really can help people. This is not an advertising businesses, it’s a helping people [business]. I worked out that I’m the eHarmony of businesses because I connect businesses with clients; I’m this sort of matchmaker.”

Michaela realized who she is, and what business she’s really in.

She discovered her unique skill of matchmaking businesses with their ideal client. This is the gift that she loves, and she wants to utilize it to connect people and ignite their own business passions. Michaela believes in her mission and she lives to benefit the customer. As an artist, she no longer considers selling her business because she isn’t driven by the money; she’s driven by the enormous value she adds to people’s lives. A value they can’t get elsewhere.

Beautifully, Michaela has learned that by surrounding herself with a team whose gifts complement her own gift as an artist, her business will rise to “a whole other level.” “The first thing I’m going to go do [after the event] is go find a business partner. I’ve learned I actually do need help with this. Not because I can’t do it on my own but it’s going to be so much better when I do it with a team.” As she learned from attending Business Mastery, a great artist isn’t responsible for everything, she needs a Manager and an Entrepreneur so she can focus on being the very best Artist in her field.

But this Artist isn’t stopping there – she is committed to constant and never-ending improvement and understands the power of a peer group. Michaela has gone back to university as an adult to finish the degree that she started nearly a decade ago. But instead of spending her money on an MBA, she decided to join Tony Robbins’ Platinum Partnership and learn from her peers who are already running successful businesses.

“I’m going to learn so much from that; so much more than I would have – and I don’t mean to dis the university system; it is a great system. But I’ll learn so much more. And, I think, have a better connection with what I was trying to achieve…You can sit and read a textbook and it’s not going to teach you anything, or you can actually go out an live it and make a huge difference.”

Uncompromising commitment to contributing world-changing value – sounds like the very definition of an Artist.

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