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Take your success to the next level

Unlock your potential with a Results Coach

Posted by: Tony Robbins

Christine Sable was running a moderately successful real estate firm. She had built a solid business and was bringing home $100,00 a year for her efforts. From the outside, most people would say Christine was successful and should be happy with all she accomplished. But something inside Christine told her she could be doing better for herself — she could be achieving more. Although she wanted to grow her business, she didn’t know how to reach the next level.

She learned about Tony Robbins Real Estate Coaching and Results Coaching programs and was interested enough to register right away. Shortly after beginning work with a professional Results Coach, Christine was telling herself she was capable of much more than she had been achieving. Within six months, she was bringing in more business than she had previously thought possible. She doubled her income the next year.

Watch Christine’s story to see how Tony Robbins Results Coaching helped her take success to the next level

Does Christine’s story strike a chord in you? You’ve always considered yourself to be a driven person, but lately, you’re stagnating. As Tony Robbins says, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” When you feel driven to succeed in business and life, but are unsure of how to make progress, it could be time to turn to a professional.

Quality coaches

Every Results Coach must complete 250 annual hours of vigorous training. Although Tony’s team of Results Coaches are based all over the world, they all receive the same education when it comes to learning the best strategies and tools to help millions of people achieve their goals. Results Coaches offer more effective solutions for your life; a Results Coach will not only listen to your struggles, but then help you create a personalized strategy that will help you to achieve your ultimate results.

The Results Coaching process

Although each person comes to their first results coaching session with a different end goal in mind, they all have one thing in common: they’re hungry. If you have a voice inside you that’s urging you to move forward and succeed, no matter the obstacles, then you’re hungry, too. A Results Coach doesn’t necessarily need to teach you how to be more driven, but they are effective in showing you what’s standing in your way and how to overcome these barriers. Although each person enrolled in a results coaching program receives a personalized plan, a Results Coach will use a process similar to the one below to help you achieve your goals.

  • Realize your ultimate purpose. Why do you think owning a large house will make you happier? Money isn’t the real end goal you’re looking for. Your ultimate purpose is probably something closer to wanting to be able to provide for your family or to be recognized as a leader in your industry. You must realize your ultimate purpose before you can make progress.
  • Identify limiting beliefs.Why haven’t you achieved your goal yet? Maybe you don’t realize that you’re always telling yourself you’re not good enough to achieve your objectives. Perhaps you’re always using the excuse that you don’t have enough time to put in the required work. Whatever your limiting belief may be, a Results Coach will help you identify it.
  • Break negative patterns. Which of your actions were synced up with your limiting beliefs, and how can you break away from them? A professional Results Coach will help you to step away from actions that are limiting you, and instead work to integrate positive, productive habits into your daily life.
  • Achieve your ultimate goal. Having someone in your corner who’s cheering you on, providing you with the tools you need and helping you to reach your ultimate goal is the end result of hiring a Results Coach. Whether your goals are related to your career, personal relationships or health, there’s a qualified Results Coach ready and able to help you succeed.

As Tony Robbins says, “The right life coach can help you reach and even exceed your biggest dreams and goals.” Christina Sable never thought she would make $100,000, but after working with a Tony Robbins Results Coach and maximizing her drive for success, she was making $200,000 — and plans on making $400,000 in the following year.

The goal you’re telling yourself is impossible to achieve truly isn’t — you just don’t have the resources needed to achieve it yet. Learn how to gain clarity in your vision, break down negative barriers and create the change in your life that you’ve been dreaming of.

Stop selling yourself short and enroll in a Tony Robbins Results Coaching session today. Free 30-minute sessions are available for those who are interested in learning more about the program. Your future self will thank you for it.

Harness your ultimate strengths with a Results Coach today