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Make Time Work for You

Time management tips to help you achieve more

Posted by: Team Tony

When it comes to time management, a large source of stress results from the feeling we have too much to do. We look at a project as a whole so it feels too big or we break it down into too many small steps and it feels daunting and tedious. But, don’t fret – it’s easy to tackle your time when you have an expert in your corner. Tony’s Results Coaching team can teach you skills to manage your time better. Read on for a glimpse at Time Targets – one of Tony’s preferred time management systems, proven for over 38 years to get Tony and his fans more results for life.

Time Targets
The emotion of urgency is a source of stress for many people — focusing on what we feel we have to do in the moment rather than focusing on what’s most important to you. Where you spend your time is directly related the level of fulfillment you’ll experience. Tony’s Results Coaches will teach you how to use Time Targets to prioritize correctly. The key is to make sure you are spending your most time in “The Zone” — the area in which life’s greatest fulfillment resides.


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