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Date With Destiny

A Look Inside Date With Destiny

The Power of Polarity in Action

Posted by: Team Tony

For many couples, the passion and excitement that was once present in the beginning of the relationship fizzles over time. This is usually a result in the failure of innovating in your relationship. You get comfortable and as a result, your relationship starts to lack the spark that attracted you to your partner.

You’ve learned how polarity is one of the keys to lasting passion in a relationship, now experience it in action. In this podcast episode, we are sharing an exclusive clip from a previous Date with Destiny event. Hear Tony work with a couple struggling to regain the polarity in their relationship, and how a few simple shifts in perspective and beliefs help them achieve an intimacy and connection that brings true fulfillment and happiness to their lives.

Whether you are looking to reignite the spark in your relationship, reshape your destiny or attract your ideal partner, Date with Destiny will help you discover what it is you need for lasting love and personal fulfillment.


[1:28] An introduction to polarity
[3:00] Mike’s vision for his relationship
[5:30] Nikki’s vision for the relationship
[8:15] Rewarding your partner disproportionately
[12:15] How Nikki and Mike lost polarity
[13:30] Tony helps Nikki find her feminine core
[14:45] Tony helps Nikki allow her partner in
[18:30] Shifting from the head to the heart
[21:35] The needs that have been driving Nikki
[25:00] Tony presses Nikki to spur her husband into action
[29:00] Nikki begins to learn how to reveal her core self
[34:00] Life can happen for you, not to you
[37:00] What real masculinity is
[38:00] Breaking through
[40:20] True masculinity never gives up
[41:20] What is real presence

Shape the extraordinary life you deserve at Date with Destiny