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5 Leadership Academy powers

Hone these leadership qualities and improve your ability to make change

Posted by: Team Tony

At the core of Leadership Academy is building a strong understanding of what makes up a true leader. During Leadership Academy’s four days of immersion, you will learn that there are fundamental powers that all extraordinary leaders share.

Many people say that leaders are born, not made, but that’s just not true. Everyone can, and should, hone their leadership qualities to create lasting change in their lives as well as those around them. Here are five of those powers and how they contribute to incredible leadership and leaders.

Leadership Academy Power #1: Conviction

Strong leaders can only make what they believe in actually happen. A leader who is uncertain has a hard time getting anything done. Conviction often takes the form of hunger and drive; they are unstoppable because they must make something happen. Conviction also manifests as a willingness to buck authority or go against the status quo.

Leadership Academy Power #2: Vision

To stand out, a leader’s vision must capture and grab the energies, hearts and minds of a significant number of people. This could be making life better for anything from a business’s customers to an entire country. Big impact requires big visions, not small ones; these inspire other individuals to bring what they have and contribute to turning that vision in a reality.

Leadership Academy Power #3: Communication

A great idea goes nowhere if others can’t understand it. Talented leaders are passionate about what they do and know how to pass that passion along to others. They understand and appreciate other people’s worlds, helping them see situations from multiple perspectives. They understand what drives and influences others. They have energy so they bring energy; that’s a key dynamic during Leadership Academy. This deep understanding what influences other people is key to approaching your audience, whether your team or a room of strangers, in a way that actually reaches them.

Leadership Academy Power #4: Connection & Rapport

True leaders have an uncanny ability to care and connect. They also know how to break down barriers between people or that impede progress. Their flexibility allows for establishing rapport by mirroring and matching the words, tone, and body language of others. Leadership training can help add to this skill set, helping you find ways to entrenched break patterns and create real, lasting change.

Leadership Academy Power #5: Flexible Persistence

Raw persistence will only get you so far. As Tony says, if you’re looking to watch the sunset and you head east, it doesn’t matter how fast or committed you are. You’re headed in the wrong direction. This is where flexibility and understanding that failure is part of the improvement process comes in. Leaders persist towards their goal, but flex their approach toward that outcome.

Are you ready to see what Leadership Academy can do to help you hone these skills, along with other strategies and tools that will make positive change in your world?

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Cultivate your unstoppable influence at Leadership Academy