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Posted by: Team Tony

Imagine you’re a busy college student. Your family excitedly invites you to an event that they think you’ll enjoy, but you don’t have the time to attend due to upcoming exams and a packed schedule. They tell you that it will help you learn how to improve your life. You’re not interested. Your family goes without you and returns with stories about how this massive four-day event completely blew their minds. You’re a lot more intrigued by the program now.

This was the case for Sergio Bendana when he first learned about Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within. The following year, he decided he wouldn’t miss out again and bought a ticket for the compelling event. He quickly learned what his family did — that UPW had the power to change his life.

Bringing his partner

Since then, Sergio has attended three Unleash the Power Within events and four additional Tony Robbins events. He’s even started bringing his long-term girlfriend, Rebecca Morgan, along for the ride. As Rebecca became part of Sergio’s life, she witnessed how much value he and his family gained from Unleash the Power Within. She knew that if someone she cared for could experience massive growth from the seminar, chances are she could, too.

Why did Sergio feel that he had to attend multiple UPW events? Didn’t he learn everything he needed from the first one? Sergio felt he learned something transformational from each UPW he attended because even though he was reviewing the same lessons, he was at a completely different place in his life.

“This event is amazing because it’s the fundamentals. It’s like Kobe shooting free throws. You can never get enough of the fundamentals. Every time you come back, there’s new things to work on — you’re in a different place in life.”– Sergio

Limiting Beliefs

Unleash the Power Within teaches actionable ways to improve your life, but it also strips away your barriers and helps you learn the basic tools you need to achieve personal and professional success.

Everyone is susceptible to doubts and insecurities. However, it’s extremely dangerous when people allow their negative beliefs to take control of their lives. Rebecca and Sergio were both experiencing limiting beliefs about themselves. Rebecca tragically lost her mother and was harboring guilt that it was somehow her fault that her mom died — that she could have done something to prevent this from happening. She was carrying around tons of pain. This belief wasn’t true, but it was deeply affecting how she lived her life.

Through the work she did at UPW, Rebecca learned that when it comes to someone passing away, “You don’t have to forget them, but you don’t have to live with that identity any more.” She no longer had to be a victim. She no longer had to feel guilty about this terrible event that was completely outside of her control.

Sergio was also using limiting beliefs to make excuses about his life. He genuinely believed that hard work should be equated with pain. That is, you’re never working hard enough unless you’re suffering. Think about this mindset: If Sergio believed this to be true, what would his mental state be like in five or 10 years? He would constantly be working to punish himself in the pursuit of success.

He has since shifted his state and changed his life. Sergio now believes that he doesn’t have to work himself to the bone to find massive success. He knows he is capable of reaching his full potential and achieving his wildest dreams. Sure, that involves working hard, but that shouldn’t equate to being unhappy or in pain.

These realizations ultimately brought Sergio and Rebecca closer as a couple. Although their limiting beliefs were wildly different, they were still being severely impacted by them — and so was their relationship. By working through the barriers they had built for themselves, they were able to develop further intimacy in their relationship. If they choose to continue their relationship and extend their family by having children, these kids will benefit from having two parents who know that anything is possible.

Rebecca said, “Being here with your partner is really special because everything you do, you say, ‘What are your limiting beliefs, what are my limiting beliefs, and are they aligned?’ Or not necessarily aligned, but how can we make these powering beliefs even better? […] I feel like this made us so much stronger and more resilient, to a level that while your relationship is already great, you can always bring it to the next level. I think that’s really a testament to this. So I hugged him, I was crying.”

“Thank you for bringing me here. I love you.”– Rebecca

On how Unleash the Power Within has impacted them for the better

After having attended numerous UPW events, Sergio feels that “every single area [of his life] improved exponentially.” He saw positive changes in his health, career and personal relationships — so much so that he wanted to bring his partner along for the experience.

Rebecca was able to break down self-imposed barriers that had been holding her back for years. She forgave herself for past grievances and embraced that she was in control of her future. Both Sergio and Rebecca were able to leave Unleash the Power Within not only with new beliefs about their personal stories, but the tools they needed to make future progress as well.

“UPW is a place where there’s such a high level of energy that you just feel invigorated to go and do life at just a higher level. UPW is a place where you can transform your life from the limits of your past, of what you’ve been conditioned to believe by society, beliefs you’ve picked up from your parents and school and wherever else, and say, ‘Not another day,’ and move forward and begin a new life. Take a U-turn, pivot and just change your life for the better forever,” said Sergio.

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Take your life to the next level at Unleash the Power Within