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Unleash the Power Within

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Unleash the Power Within offers powerful strategies for success

Posted by: Team Tony

Danika Brysha is a successful model and business owner based in Orange County, California. Not only does she run a thriving meal box subscription company, Model Meals, but she also goes on speaking tours to engage with women all over the nation. Danika’s talks focus on self-love, body positivity and how to create revitalizing self-care routines.

Before attending Unleash the Power Within, Danika was in a great place. She not only made tremendous strides in her professional life, but she focused on her personal growth as well. Danika had completely changed the way she was eating and had gotten sober before attending UPW and was now regularly working as a plus-size model. As Danika says, “I’m at this place in my life where everything is flowing… but you’re never done growing.”

The will to learn

Even though she was happy and successful, Danika was driven to keep learning. Her main motivation? She sensed she was at a transitional point in her life. About to embark on an eight-month speaking tour, she sold her home in California and was figuring out how to manage her business’ 35 employees from afar.

How could she remain the best version of herself, all while traveling on the road and attempting to keep learning and growing? Danika sought these answers at Unleash the Power Within. She wanted to understand how Tony Robbins, the world’s #1 life and business strategist, was able to manage his time while meaningfully engaging with the people around him.

Fighting limiting beliefs

“My level of success is directly correlated to my worth” was a major limiting belief in Danika’s life. As a plus-size model, much of her livelihood revolves around her physical appearance. As someone who struggled with eating disorders and poor self-esteem as a teenager, it was a major breakthrough moment when Danika realized she could enjoy a viable career as a plus-size model.

Despite this realization and the success that’s followed, Danika was still upholding many negative beliefs about food and how her physical appearance tied into her overall worth as a person. At UPW, she took the time to feel proud of where she was and grateful that she was working through her limiting beliefs.

Getting to the next level

Danika was looking for actionable ways she could elevate her life to the next stage of success: “How do I figure out how to be as efficient as possible? Just hearing from Tony about how he navigates his life and what he says yes and no to…. What can take me and my business to the next level?”

She wanted to face the next big step up in both her professional and personal life. “This was the perfect place to be, and I knew it would be,” said Danika. “How can I continue to be of service? How can I continue to break through these limiting beliefs I’ve had for myself?”

At Unleash the Power Within, Danika realized that everyone has their own vision of what success looks like. Although to an outsider she might look like the pinnacle of success, she still felt that she had a lot of learning and growing to accomplish. By attending the powerful three-and-a-half-day event, she was able to look more introspectively to see what was holding her back from achieving the next step in her personal journey to success. Danika was also inspired by the energy and passion on display from Tony Robbins, and aims to bring what she learned at the event into her daily life and the lives of those around her.

Curious to find out how Unleash the Power Within can take your life to the next level? Find out more about this life-changing event and book your ticket to an upcoming program today.


Take your life to unreached heights at Unleash the Power Within