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Unleash the Power Within

Step up your game

Thrive in Every Area of Your Life

Posted by: Team Tony

“UPW means four days that I’m going to pay attention to myself, put my needs on the agenda, that I’m going to focus on my weaknesses and desires. I’m going to lay out a path and steps to execute on. UPW is the opportunity to up my game at every single level.” – Peter Diamandis

Are you at the point in your life where something needs to change? Do you find yourself going through the motions, but unable to reach your goals? If you want to make real, lasting changes in your personal or professional life, you have to start with some serious introspection. Changing your career or ending a bad relationship may lead to temporary improvements, but you’ll never get what you really want until you dig deeper.

How do you dig deeper? You do it by learning how to step up your game.

Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within (UPW) event challenges participants to break down self-imposed barriers and to start living the quality of life they’ve always dreamed of. Are you ready to take your life to the next level and give – and receive – more than you ever imagined? Are you ready to reprogram your mind to create real breakthroughs? Find out how these two attendees changed their lives after attending UPW – you may just find inspiration for how to step up your game as well.

A serial entrepreneur

Peter Diamandis brought the rocket into the future. He is a pioneer of innovation, started eighteen companies, is driven by grand challenges and believes in driving radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity. Even though he is the definition of an overachiever and powerful leader, Peter had limiting beliefs that were holding him back, and he often found he’d rather focus on heading toward Mars than diving into his own issues.

He found that the strategies Tony taught at Unleash the Power Within helped him unblock, refocus and up his game even more. Each of Tony’s events that he attended helped him re-energize, refocus and renew his passion for what he does. Continuing to practice Tony’s strategies, Peter now makes time to prime each day and recites mantras to help center his focus on things that will further propel his life’s purpose.

Stepping up with the team

While Peter has attended several Tony events, he always wished his team could join him so they could unleash their full potential and gain the emotional drive to take themselves further. Bringing his team to Unleash the Power Within proved to be exactly what they needed to start working in the direction of their goals. “It’s giving us a brand-new language for conversation,” Peter said. Instead of Peter returning from an event and making the effort to teach them new concepts, this time they all learned together.

As a team, they were able to get the power of conviction, clarity, mission and drive necessary to keep innovating and commit to the same outcomes. It’s a small change in the scheme of things – just learning how to communicate with one another and drive for the same goals – but the smallest changes can lead to massive results. When the team left UPW, they were ready to make “the moonshot,” as Peter describes it, and change the world.

That’s what’s at the core of a decision to step up your game: Effective massive change in and for yourself, and ultimately others. When you attend one of Tony Robbins’ live events, you’ll not only learn how to step up your game – you’ll also learn how to encourage those around you to elevate their thoughts and actions so they can support you and help you reach your goals faster.

Watch the video below to hear more about Peter’s experience at Unleash the Power Within.

Music and learning

LaKeisha Michelle is a CEO, hair stylist, musician and creative artist who lives by one motto – strive to be the best and never stop learning. She was first introduced to Tony Robbins through one of his YouTube videos about how to raise your standards. Taking his lessons to heart, she wrote down what she was tired of and worked toward eliminating those feelings in her life, but soon reached a plateau. She wanted to go further, but wasn’t sure how.

Letting go of negativity

Attending Unleash the Power Within was her way of breaking through that plateau and learning to give things her all in order to continue growing. Like Peter, stepping up her game meant breaking through her limiting beliefs. In the past, each step she made toward progress was hampered by her own negative thoughts. LaKeisha distilled the core of her worries: “I don’t think people are going to buy my music. I don’t think people are going to show up to my events.”   

Once she recognized these negative thoughts and understood that the story they formed in her mind created a barrier, she learned how to dismantle them – and even better, how to stop them before they formed.

“I know how to figure out what the belief is now,” LaKeisha said, “What it’s speaking to and how it’s gonna show up if I don’t infuse that positive reinforcement.” Tony Robbins empowered LaKeisha with the strategies to change her mindset and break through her status quo.

LaKeisha’s weekend at Unleash the Power Within gave her the calmness and certainty that she would be able to achieve anything she sets her mind to. “You can’t walk out of there the same,” she states about her experience at UPW. “I’m a different person. UPW is your life on fire.”

Both Peter and LaKeisha allowed their negative thoughts to get in their way, preventing them from reaching their full potential. As Tony says, they needed to “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited for what could go right.”

When they finally decided to focus on what was really important, they were able to unleash the power within. The same thing will happen for you once you decide to step up your game. When you create a vision for your future and start to focus exclusively on that vision, you’ll find the tools you need to unlock an extraordinary life.

A live event with Tony Robbins is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. By combining energy and excitement with solid presentations on issues such as mental conditioning and turning pain into purpose, Tony will show you how to step up your game and transform your life.

If you’re ready to commit to changing your story, find out what Peter, LaKeisha and countless others have learned at Unleash the Power Within by attending the event yourself.

Start your journey towards an extraordinary life at Unleash the Power Within