3 ways to be confident

How many times have you told yourself that if you were more confident, you’d be more successful? The truth is, confidence is not something you have, it’s something you create. You can create confidence at any time. Confidence is nothing more than a sense of power in yourself – it’s the feeling of certainty that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

There’s no one on the planet who feels confident 100% of the time – that’s impossible. Everyone has bad days or moments that make them feel terrible. Being confident doesn’t mean you’re completely sure of yourself at all times; it comes down to changing your state. You can change your state at any moment in time no matter what’s going on around you, as long as you know how to do it. There are three tactics that will enable you to become more confident.


Think about someone you know who you think of as being extremely confident. When you first met them, did you know they were confident before they even started speaking? Most likely, you did. You knew they were self-assured because of the way they carried themselves and moved around. Physiology is key when learning how to be confident.

Any emotion you’ve ever felt comes from the way you move your body. What’s your posture like? How are you breathing? We all get in negative states from time to time, but you have the power to change how you’re feeling by controlling your body. If you’re not feeling confident, you can’t always mentally convince yourself to feel more self-assured. The fastest way to start feeling more confident is to radically change your physiology. Deliberately move your body with intensity and power; the way you move your body immediately affects how you feel and think. Stand up straight, open up your chest and breathe deeply. Where your body goes, your mind follows.



Say you’re learning how to be more confident because you often have to give presentations in front of large crowds. You often feel nervous before going onstage and feel that your lack of confidence is affecting your performance. Take a moment to examine what you’re thinking about during these times; what are you focused on? Are you thinking about how you’re going to nail your presentation, or are you hung up on thinking about all the ways it could go wrong?

What you focus on becomes your reality. If you’re stuck on thinking that you’ll stutter through your presentation or won’t appear knowledgeable to your peers, you won’t. Instead, if you change your focus to think about how you’re going to ace your presentation and develop raving fans because of it, you’ll not only feel more confident but be more successful in your delivery.

Don’t create a negative self-fulfilling prophecy; think of yourself succeeding and work toward that goal instead. You get what you focus on and you’ll feel more confident immediately by visualizing your goal.

Change your core beliefs

What do you think being more confident entails? Do you believe that in order to be confident, you already have to be wildly successful? You’re limiting yourself with your core beliefs. Instead, think about what confidence really means to you. Being confident doesn’t mean you never fail; being confident means that if you do fail, you can pick yourself back up and try again instead of throwing in the towel.

If you begin believing that you have the capacity to be confident and accomplish your goals, you’ll drastically change your state. You can create that level of belief by accepting that your potential is unlimited. Are your actions reflecting your unlimited potential right now? Probably not. Once you start taking actionable steps toward your goal – being confident – your beliefs will gradually start to solidify, too.

Rid yourself of self doubt and achieve your goals faster

Discovering how to be confident in yourself isn’t an overnight process – it takes time. By shifting how you present yourself physically and what you focus on mentally, you can create confidence that will help propel you toward your goals.

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