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Ask anyone at the highest levels of success, and they’ll tell you they didn’t do it alone. Many top athletes, entertainers and businesspeople had excellent mentors to show them the way. Tony himself was mentored by consultant and author John Grinder and entrepreneur Jim Rohn. But there are even more opportunities out there to better yourself, and one powerful opportunity is joining a mastermind group.

Billionaire steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie credited his entire fortune to his mastermind group – he inspired author Napoleon Hill to create the term in his 1937 book Think and Grow Rich. Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone had their own small mastermind group. Tony has had help from peers like Dean Graziosi and Grant Cardone. And masterminds aren’t just for business people. One of the most famous mastermind groups of all time was the Inklings, an authors’ group with members like C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and Owen Barfield.

All of these famous people understood one of Tony’s most powerful concepts: “The quality of a person’s life is most often a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group.” To reach the top of the mountain, you need to surround yourself not only with those who have been there, but also those who want to go there. But what is a mastermind group? And why should you join one?

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What is a mastermind group?

The definition of a mastermind group is straightforward: a group of peers who meet to give each other advice and support. It’s similar to mentoring, but has several important differences. First, it will have five or six members, instead of being a one-on-one meeting. In a mastermind group, you will both give and receive advice, while in a mentorship, you’ll typically be on the receiving end. Mastermind groups can also involve brainstorming, educational presentations and even discussing personal issues. They are a “meeting of the minds” in every sense – a place where you can speak the truth and expect it in return.

The benefits of joining a mastermind group are vast. In the best groups, members hold each other accountable for their goals – challenging each other to reach the highest levels of success. They share ideas, business contacts and more. They lend their strengths to other members of the group and work on their weaknesses. Mastermind groups are a supportive community that celebrate your successes and understand your failures – and they always encourage you to get back up again.

The mastermind group definition might be simple, but to create or find a group is more difficult. How do you meet – or choose – the right people? How do you find a group that fits your needs?

How to join a mastermind group

The first step to joining a mastermind group is to find a few options. In today’s digital world, it’s easy. But it can also make sense to talk to your offline connections – they may know of a better fit for you. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. Talk to your network

Colleagues, business connections, clients and friends may know a mastermind group you can join or can connect you with others to start a new group. Get on LinkedIn and message your ultra-successful connections. Even if you’re not sure someone can help you, let them know you’re looking. You never know what your network might turn up.

What is a mastermind group?


2. Talk to your local organizations

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Schools, religious groups, trade groups, professional associations and even Meetup.com often host mastermind groups that aren’t advertised, or they may know a place that does.

3. Get online

There are plenty of websites that can direct you to a mastermind group and other events to amp up your business. Tony Robbins events like Unleash the Power Within can be compelling agents of change in your life. For regular support and advice, Business Coaching could be right for you. Tony has helped thousands of people with his proven methods – why not you?

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Once you’ve narrowed down your options for your mastermind group, it’s time to choose. You want to make sure your group is a good fit for you, but will also level up your success. Here’s how.

4. Aim high

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Tony says, “Model someone who’s already getting the results that you want.” This is a vital principle to keep in mind as you look for mastermind groups. You aren’t necessarily looking for a group of peers – you’re looking for those who have climbed a step or two higher than you on the mountain, or even more if possible.

5. Find a facilitator

The best mastermind groups have a facilitator, a leader that keeps discussions on track, asks the right questions to take your knowledge even deeper and helps members achieve their goals. It’s often the founder of the group, but it doesn’t have to be. The important thing is that this person has leadership skills.

How to find and join a mastermind group

6. Look for passion and commitment

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You want group members who will go “all in” with you: total honesty, huge goals and dreams and plenty of drive. Hunger will drive your success, but you must surround yourself with others who also live their passion.

Looking achieve business success through mastermind groups?

Mastermind groups will change your life – and you don’t need to be Henry Ford to join one. All you need is passion, drive and commitment. Learn more today through Tony’s Entrepreneur Accelerator Toolkit.