8 ways to master the sales mindset

Tony tells us that success in life is 80% psychology and only 20% mechanics, or actual skill. Your mindset affects your business as much as your strategy does. You can have all the tools and knowledge in the world, but if you don’t master the power of mindset, you’ll never achieve your dreams.

This is especially true for sales professionals. Dominating sales is about more than your sales skills or your innate personality. It’s even about more than building a superstar sales team. To dominate sales, you need to master the sales mindset.

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Why do I need a sales mindset?

Many people think that being successful in sales means being extroverted, pushy and loud. Or that you need to innately be a great public speaker and presenter. But the truth is that traits like these will only get you so far. You might make a few sales or land a coveted job – but from there, you’ll need to develop the mindset of a successful salesperson. It’s only the power of mindset that will propel you toward sustainable growth in sales. Keep in mind that the salesperson mentality isn’t just for traditional, cold-calling, hard-selling salespeople. If you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, investor or one of many other professions that relies on networking, learning how to adopt the sales mindset is essential to building your career and growing your revenue streams.

Mastering the mindset of a successful salesperson

Business is a sport for gladiators, and that goes double for sales. For every sale, you’ll experience ten – or 100 – rejections. Successful salespeople know that it takes more than fast-talking storytelling to achieve long-term sales goals. Here’s how to cultivate a true sales mindset.

1. Connect sales to your purpose

mindset of a successful salesperson

Every great salesperson is driven. They have a hunger to be better, achieve more and grow not only in their career, but as humans. How do they find that drive? It doesn’t come from a desire for wealth or status. They’ve made the connection between excellence in sales and their purpose in life – whether that is giving back to the community, being there for family or sharing their knowledge with others.

2. Be genuine

Finding true fulfillment through sales will also help you be more genuine. The sales mindset happens naturally when you are sharing your passion with those around you, rather than just “selling.” Passion and purpose will draw people to you and allow you to build a stellar reputation – and in sales as in life, reputation is everything.

sales mindset.

3. Always be connecting

The saying “Always be closing” is old news. But one maxim of sales will always hold true: Customers buy from people they like. That’s why the mindset of a successful salesperson is more focused on connecting than closing. Building rapport allows you to build trust, get others to listen to you and ultimately influence them to consider your solution.

4. Create solutions

Remember: You’re not a seller of products, you’re a seller of solutions. People today don’t need more stuff – they need more time, more energy, more productivity. They need you to solve the problems that are keeping them from realizing fulfillment in life. Determine how your solution does this and connect it to every situation you’re in, and you’re in the sales mindset.

5. Know your X factor

the right sales mindset

You don’t just need to know every fact, statistic and possible objection to your product. You need to know what makes your product talkably different. You must find what your product does better than anyone else. That’s your X factor. It’s the reason customers will choose you over your competitors, and it’s essential to work into your sales pitch.

6. Build resilience

Even with an incredible salesperson mentality and all the right skills, you won’t be successful 100% of the time. Failure is always a part of success. Those who have figured out how to turn obstacles into opportunities and keep getting back up, even after major failures, are the ones who become successful. That kind of inner strength comes from cultivating a deep belief in yourself and letting nothing hold you back.

sales mindset

7. Adopt empowering habits

Your daily habits affect every other area of your life. A morning ritual starts your day off right. Healthy eating and exercise give you the energy and vitality you need to crush your goals. Practicing gratitude puts you in a positive sales mindset and attracts even more positivity through the law of attraction. Take a look at your habits and ditch any that aren’t empowering. 

8. Commit to CANI

In the end, what really sets apart the mindset of a successful salesperson from those who are just mediocre is the commitment to CANI: constant and never-ending improvement. The best salespeople know that they are never done learning and growing. They take every opportunity to feed their minds, learn from others and gain new skills. When you do that, you’ll be unstoppable.

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