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The Healthy Way To Resolve Conflict

What do you do when you have conflicts in your relationship? Many of us have strategies to apply in other areas of our life – like our physical health or our careers – but we sometimes assume conflict in relationships will just work itself out. That if we ignore the problem, it will go away. This is a recipe for ultimate pain.

The truth is, all passionate relationships are going to have the occasional fight. The trick is to transform the conflict into opportunity by bringing more fun and energy to the relationship.

How do you do it? Next time you find yourself in a silly or familiar argument try play fighting. This will immediately change the meaning of the argument. If you raise your voice, do it in a goofy accent and jump around like an angry cartoon character. Make the whole conflict ridiculous. This eases the tension of the situation, and you will come to a resolution faster when you are both in a relaxed state from laughing at each other.

If you can make each other laugh, you will once again associate your significant other with those emotions that make you feel good.

Dare: the next time you are in a fight, turn up the fun. Make it ridiculous to ease the tension.

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