How to move past painful experiences and create positive momentum

In Tony’s initial statement around the #MeToo incident, he noted that the founding message was one of “empowerment through empathy,” and how important it was to listen carefully to the stories of pain, because all growth begins with learning, and the only way to learn is to first understand the breadth and width of the problem, for “the teacher to become the student.”

This page was designed for educational purposes and to continue the conversation. Beyond engaging in conversation and learning more about the #MeToo movement, Tony is dedicated to taking massive action by ending suffering for everyone who has experienced pain. We hope you find the resources on this page helpful on your own journey.

Growth Resources
Communication Styles

Have you ever wondered why people react so differently to identical messages? How is it that one person can see the glass as half-empty and another sees it as half-full? Why does one person hear a message and feel energized, excited and motivated while another heads the exact same message and doesn’t respond at all? If you address someone in the right key, you can do anything. If you address them in the wrong one, you can do nothing. Learn about communication styles here.

Post-traumatic Growth

When you acknowledge the pain and problems, identify the right solution to remove such feelings and experiences that happened in the past and take tactical steps to replace the “bad with the good,” you can then move toward your desired positive results with absolute laser-like focus. Learn how to deal with tragedy to help you move past pain in a positive way. Read about post-traumatic growth here.


How to Find a Coach You Love

By learning about the human need for significance, you can better interpret your own actions and use this desire to help you work toward your goals. Read about significance here.

Women Empowered

Learn more about some of the powerful women, including entrepreneurs, world-renowned athletes and leaders of incredible movements that Tony has had the pleasure of working alongside, speaking with and learning from. Read about these powerful women here.

Additional Resources
A Champion of Women

Read the story of Dawn Watson, an inspirational woman who embarked on a post-traumatic growth journey to overcome pain and find her purpose.

Forgiveness Heals

Incorporating forgiveness into your life will not only help you overcome pain, but be more joyful and accomplish more than you thought was ever possible. Learn about forgiveness here.

Power of Nonverbal Communication

personal growth communication

Learn how to modify your body language to bolster your communication efforts. Read about the power of nonverbal communication here.

Siri Lindley on Overcoming Failure and Fear

personal growth siri lindley

Where do you go from failure? The most successful people in the world have recorded massive failures, and for many of them, failure was the greatest influence in their ascent to greatness. Listen to Siri Lindley, a world-renowned Olympic athlete, Ironman coach and former 2-time ITU Triathlon World Champion, tell Tony Robbins her story.

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