Fueling success with frustration image of Tony Robbins
November 7, 2017

Fueling success with frustration

How Tony Robbins turned his challenges into an unstoppable drive

Have you ever wondered how Tony built a $6 billion business empire? Or how his biggest frustrations, and even failures, fueled his success?

For this far-reaching, revealing interview that originally ran on the “Success! How I Did It” podcast, Business Insider’s Richard Feloni flew to Tony’s Fiji resort Namale – among the world’s best, and just one example of his successful business ventures. He talked to Tony about how his tumultuous childhood led to his life’s calling, and how he developed the notion of a “performance coach.”

Listen as Tony details what it was like going from a broke teenager to a millionaire with a bestselling book in several short years, and how he dealt with fame and increasing responsibilities – and gain valuable insight into what makes a successful entrepreneur.

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Turning obstacles into opportunity

Tony grew up poor, with a revolving door of father figures who didn’t expect much – from Tony or from others. But as he looked around him, he began to ask an important question: “Why are these people having such a beautiful life and we’re not?” He took a speed-reading class and started reading all sorts of books, from psychology to finance. He understood the power of feeding your mind.

He also began creating relationships. He surrounded himself with greatness and soaked it in. He built a network of successful people in business, Hollywood, sports, finance and more. And as he took on his first coaching clients, he only charged when he got results – and he was willing to learn from his clients. That’s why Robbins has quietly built a $6 billion business empire, and why he’s constantly pushing himself into new opportunities.

The power of communication

How do you build these deep relationships and networks? Communication is the key. You must understand how others see the world and adapt to it. You must unlock the keys to negotiating, one of the most essential skills to master in life if you want to get bigger, better deals in your favor. And you must learn to control your emotions – especially fear.

To help listeners overcome fear, Tony shares the fundamental advice that he gives every entrepreneur he coaches: you must recognize and deal with your “threshold of control.” This is the moment you begin to feel like you’re losing control, and it sparks fear within all of us. But as Tony explains, when you’re out of control you have two choices: to focus on what you want, or to focus on what you’re afraid of. He says, “Courage isn’t that you’re not afraid, it’s that … you decide you’re going to focus on what you’re here to do rather than your fear.” Listen to the podcast for more key ways you can harness the psychology of success.

Tony Robbins

Whether you attend a transformative Business Mastery event or choose coaching to take your business to the next level, there is one thing you will always hear from Tony: A business is only as strong as the psychology of its leader. And as you’ll hear him say in the podcast, “Business requires an unbelievable level of resilience.” With the right teacher, you can learn the skills and change your psychology to produce a certainty in yourself that brings the results you want.

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[01:13] Episode introduction
[01:40] Tony’s mission isn’t about motivating others
[02:15] A different kind of coach
[02:42] Tony’s difficult upbringing
[03:15] What Tony learned from his mentors
[04:00] Having to anticipate his mother’s many moods
[04:40] The role important books played in Tony’s life
[05:30] First experience with coaching seminars
[06:00] Setting goals to help others
[06:50] Building his brand
[07:10] Tony’s start with his own seminars
[08:15] Dealing with the higher level of demand
[09:10] When did Tony start making investments?
[10:10] How many companies does Tony have?
[11:30] Tony’s foundation
[11:40] The Thanksgiving that changed Tony’s life
[12:20] Partnering with Feeding America
[13:15] Building relationships in the beginning of his career
[14:00] Challenging traditional therapy
[15:00] Tony’s relationship with Paul Tudor Jones
[16:45] Money Master the Game marks a new chapter
[17:30] The reasons Tony was motivated to write MMTG
[18:30] Tony’s perspective on Donald Trump
[19:30] Tony’s advice for Donald Trump
[20:40] Being combative prevents people from getting anything done
[21:20] One fundamental lesson for entrepreneurs
[22:20] Threshold and control moments
[23:00] Make the decision to focus on what you can do
[24:00] Live out of what’s possible

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