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“Connection builds bridges that can take us places we never thought possible.” When we set out to help others, when we connect with them in the process, the connections we create change us, too. Because we cannot survive without love and connection. It’s the oxygen of the soul. It’s a powerful gift of life. It makes us do things that we’d never do for ourselves. 

Most of us spend our lives seeking love. We think that if we could just get love, we’d finally feel fulfilled. The truth is that we already have all the love we need within ourselves. At our core, we are love. And when we give love, we find that we receive it tenfold through the law of attraction

When we dedicate ourselves to giving love generously – giving love to anyone and everyone we meet – we’ll experience the deepest levels of fulfillment. That willingness to connect with people you don’t even know will change your life. 

Celinne grew up feeling she had to fit into a certain mold. She had a dream job in New York City, but she struggled with anxiety and depression. She felt she was living a placeholder life. When Celinne left everything behind to travel, she wanted to see how far human connection would take her – by couch surfing. 

People told her she was crazy, that she was courting danger. But she was looking for any way to escape the mundane. What she discovered was that she didn’t need to escape from her life. She needed to feel her life more wholly, to connect with those around her. In nine months, her adventure took her around the world and introduced her to countless new friends. 

You’ll also hear from a recovering workaholic who gave up a career in tech to run a life-enriching leadership and soccer camp for boys in Costa Rica. On his first visit to the country, he learned that the area he visited was considered poor and dangerous – that even the cops don’t like to go there. But what he saw was joy and happiness. More joy and happiness than in his own affluent neighborhood at home. And he knew that he was missing something. He made the decision then and there to create a connection and make a difference.

How could you use the gift of connection to enrich your life? Start small. Start a conversation with a stranger. Put down your phone and be fully present for your spouse or loved ones. Give back to your community. Once you begin making those connections, your whole life will change.

Love and connection don't just happen. Love is an action that wakes us up to the gift of life. Tony Robbins

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