Don’t give up on your dreams

5 ways to empower yourself to achieve your dreams

 Life is hard. The world is changing rapidly. For many it feels like it’s spinning out of control. When events beyond your control seem to be shaping your destiny, giving up on your dreams is tempting. Yet now is the time when you need those dreams more than ever.

No one starts out in life depressed and defeated. Children are bursting with dreams and ambitions – but as we get older, life starts getting in the way. We develop beliefs that disempower us. We suffer failures and setbacks. But don’t give up on your dreams yet.

What makes people think about giving up on dreams?

Giving up on your dreams is common. Humans are imperfect beings, and we give up on our dreams for all kinds of reasons. Yet none of these reasons is a real excuse to stop being your best self. Here’s why some may fall prey to limiting beliefs and give up. 

  • They’re afraid of failure. Many people operate from a place of fear in life – and fear of failure is one of the most common. When these people fail once, it’s tempting to give up altogether. They say “I’m just not good at this” and take the easy way out: accepting failure.
  • Others don’t believe in them. We aren’t all fortunate enough to be surrounded by supportive friends and family. Don’t give up on your dreams just because other people think you can’t do it. Use it to fuel your hunger and work even harder.
  • They get bored. Working toward your dreams may be exhausting, but not boring. The truth is that if you’re bored, your dreams likely don’t inspire you. It’s time to examine your blueprint and ask yourself: Am I working toward goals that I want, or that others want?
  • They plateau. Athletes, entrepreneurs and  celebrities: Every successful person has hit a plateau at some point in their lives. When you feel stuck in life, it’s essential to recognize that plateaus are a normal part of achieving your goals.
  • They crave certainty. Certainty – the need to avoid pain and experience pleasure – is one of the most powerful Six Human Needs. If you’re thinking about giving up on your dreams, ask yourself if you’re really just feeling a need to stay in your comfort zone.

giving up on dreams

Top reasons to never give up

Giving up on your dreams is the easy way out. It’s often more comfortable to let your circumstances or other people dictate your life – but you’ll never find fulfillment that way.

  • Growth is essential to the human experience. If you’re not growing, you’re dying. While success is the goal, the experiences you’ll have along the way are just as valuable because they fulfill our human need for growth. Life – and growth – are what happen when we’re chasing our dreams.
  • You never know how close you are to success. Tony teaches that the smallest changes can yield the biggest results. You are always just two millimeters away from your next success. Your breakthrough could be right around the corner. Don’t give up on your dreams when you’re so close.
  • You’ll always wonder what could have been. We all know people with regrets – and no one wants to end up like them. They’re the people who are living in the past and always thinking about what might have been. That’s where you’ll end up if you give up on your dreams.
  • The reward is great. Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you finally create an extraordinary life. You’ll jump out of bed each morning with excitement. You’ll have financial freedom and passionate relationships. You’ll live in a state of constant joy and abundance.

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How to stop giving up on your dreams

Building the life of your dreams takes dedication and focus. With hard work and the right plan, you can overcome anything. Don’t give up on your dreams – use these approaches instead.

1. Change your story

Tony says, “The only thing keeping you from what you want is your story about why you can’t have it.” Giving up on dreams isn’t about the outside world – it’s about finding an unstoppable belief in yourself. It’s about recognizing the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and changing your story so you feel empowered instead.

2. Connect to your purpose

When most people are tempted to give up on their dreams, it isn’t because they’re lazy or bored. It’s because they’ve set goals that they aren’t truly passionate about. If you’re feeling uninspired, don’t give up on your dreams. Discover your ultimate purpose in life and connect every action you take and decision you make back to that purpose. You’ll reignite your inspiration.

3. Turn obstacles into opportunities

The difference between success and failure is your perspective. Successful people reframe challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. They find the lesson in every failure and apply it to their future decisions. They know that life happens for you, not to you. Shift your mindset in this way, and giving up on dreams is no longer an option.

4. Make a strategy

It’s easy to tell yourself “Don’t give up on your dreams,” but it’s much harder to turn willpower into action. “Willpower by itself is not enough. If we want to achieve lasting change, we must have an effective strategy,” Tony says. Take massive action today to begin getting what you want in life.

5. Celebrate small successes

You don’t have to wait to start celebrating your success. Every day is a gift, and every day we accomplish something. Once you’ve made a strategy, make sure you’re recognizing and celebrating the smaller steps that will get you to your big goal. And always practice gratitude for all that you have. You’ll attract positive energy that will propel you toward your dreams.

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