Clint Seares
Tony Robbins Results Coach

(047) 721-3385

As a Tony Robbins Results Coach, I help my clients live a life with passion and purpose. My mission is to support people, families and teams to meet the challenge of change. Change can occur either quickly and dramatically, or over time. I work with clients who feel the need to change but need a catalyst to ignite action. No matter which category my clients fall into, I provide the resources and strategies to overcome barriers and spark transformation.

I believe in the resilience in people, which is born from my own resilience. Before I discovered coaching, I had been consumed with PTSD from my time in the army. I was divorced and financially devastated. Despite having a job in the corporate world, I felt empty. Coaching changed all of this. After partaking in a three-day course, my life shifted dramatically. I overcame barriers and found myself surrounded with more success than I ever thought possible. It was then I knew I had to share the gift of coaching so I could transform lives much like my own life had been.

Aside from working with my client’s, I spend quality time with my three girls and an amazing partner. I enjoy staying physically fit, professional growth and local and international travel

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